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New Beginnings

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Aug 15 2011

The first story page of Lost Girls’ Society is now up and accessible via the Lost Girls’ Society main story page (above or to the right) or under the expanded Page listing for Lost Girls’ Society to the right. Anyone new to the site, this is a good time to be here, because you’ve come just in time for a new serial with an actual artist doing the illustrations. Anyone familiar with the site probably already knows how it works.

Niar Saga was the first/previous serial fiction on this site, and you can find it chronicled and I might add easy to navigate via its main story page or the Pages navigation to the right. Lost Girls’ Society is a completely new story and separate from the other content of the site to this point, so no prior knowledge from elsewhere on the site is needed or really even that useful. It will be updating with story updates (with real art) on Mondays and Fridays around 10am Pacific Time, and I’ll be using Wednesdays to post Flash Fictions related to the setting following supporting cast tied to one or another of the three central characters.

As for recent events, I’ve been really busy with a lot of things including gearing up for LGS and Lady Antimony’s 7 Holy Virtues Blog Challenge (you can get an idea of the awesome competition from the previous post in this blog). I of course wrote my 7 Virtues in the same setting as my previous 7 Sins, the Dark Hunter Trilogy. The Sins were much easier, but now all 14 are arranged in chronological order on the Dark Hunter About Page.

Finally any time now I should be hearing if my family movie script, Yuki, has gone another round in the PAGE Competition or not. Really crossing my fingers on that one, it’d be an awesome opportunity to get my writing out and with other people actually involved in it–which really is all I’ve ever wanted.

Coming to a Close

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Jul 25 2011

Andrew Level 28 is now up and accessible via the Pages navigation to the right–under the Niar Saga heading–or from the Niar Saga main story page–to the right or above. This is the last week in the All Things End phase of Niar Saga, so I want to take a moment to thank everyone who’s followed the story this far and invite those who may be new to check out the story from the main story page or just jump right in to Level 1.

I never managed to get my buffer together for the end of Niar Saga, but I’m optimistic about Lost Girls’ Society since I won’t be working alone on that one. I’ve actually got a really phenomenal artist doing the pictures for that one so everyone should be excited for when it starts posting and you don’t have to put up with my weak attempts at art anymore–for a while anyway.

I still have some clean-up to do on the site, and of course the art gallery seems destined to always be rather badly behind though never forgotten. But the next thing I really need to figure out is how to change the banner without changing the rest of the site on a per-page basis. Those who have read any of Niar Saga can probably tell the current banner is specific to Niar Saga. What I’d like is to keep this banner for Niar Saga but have the rest of the site use a banner more specific to whatever the current story is–and the Lost Girls’ Society banner is looking really good from what I’ve seen thus far.

Anyway, you still have some time to catch up on Niar Saga before Lost Girls’ Society starts–because I’ve decided to complete Lady Antimony’s 7 Holy Virtues blog challenge before starting up Lost Girls’ Society. That way there’ll be a nice break between major stories on my site.

If you’re interested my flash fictions for the challenge will again be in my Dark Hunters setting the same as when I did the 7 Deadly Sin challenge earlier this month. Dark Hunters now has a page under About on the site that includes a chronological listing of the flash fictions set there–so far just the sins.

That’s all for now.

7 Holy Virtues

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Jul 22 2011

First off, Vixie Level 27 continued is now up and accessible via the Pages Navigation to the right and soon to be on the Niar Saga main story page too. I found a way to make the Pages navigation collapsible which should make it easier to sort through–but I can’t help feeling it doesn’t look as pretty as it used to. Anyone else have thoughts? Is it an improvement or should I change it back?

Then the other news is I will be participating in Lady Antimony‘s 7 Holy Virtues blog challenge starting on August 7th as a follow up to the 7 Deadly Sins challenge from this month.

I’m pretty sure I signed up, though my name and link haven’t appeared on the site yet, so I’m a little confused. But it told me not to register again when I tried a second time, which should mean I’m already in, right? This time the Virtues are in a set order, so there’ll be less reason for me to keep stats on what order people do them in this time.

If you missed the 7 Deadly Sin challenge you really should get consider catching up on that. You can back track pretty much the whole field from my Gluttony post. They’re only 100 words each and most are spectacular.

Now I just need to figure out if I should continue in the Dark Hunter setting of my Sins, or pick a different setting to make it easier to find Virtues.


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Jul 13 2011

[So this is the last entry in the 7 Sins Blog Challenge, and seemed like high time I did a shout out to some of the amazing other contributors to this. The stats I kept during the challenge have been added on to this post as a comment.
Heather M. Gardner = Cool cat fiction on the 7 Deadly Sins, she has a vibrant style of writing that really gets you into her characters’ heads and makes you care what’s going on no matter how mundane or fantastic–her usual genre is romance. Of hers my favorite was Wrath, for the awesomely angry kitty.
Halli Gomez = The 7 Deadly in everyday, and particularly family, life. Her descriptions are entrancing and her dialogue very real. I absolutely loved the two sided nature of Envy.
Bryce Daniels = An interesting duality with “The Poet” who penned his first 3 sins, and very elegant use of language all around. My favorite was probably Pride for its impact and elegance, but it was harder to choose here.
Zade Forrest = One of the youngest in the field, his prose is both creative and poetic. My favorite was Wrath because of the stunning finality achieved in so few words, but the creepiness of Lust brought it in close second.
Brainhaze = All of her sins were posted together in a linked and twisted parody of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and her writing in general is quite powerful fitting shocking twists into very short fiction. Can’t really pick a favorite because what I loved most is how they all connected.
Glitterlady = A friend of mine from high-school, we’ve actually started some great collaborative fictions in the past. Her writing is full of passion and more than a few references to her growing novel, “Torn”, posting over at Book Country. Easily my favorite sin by her was Envy with the beauty of the descriptions and brutality of the sinner.
Rebecca Clare Smith = An absolutely amazing Urban Fantasy writer, which is shown off well in her approach to the 7 sins. My favorite of hers was definitely Gluttony for the richness of the language and excellent use of fairies.
Margaret (Charitygirl) = Another stunning author with expressive and precise mastery of language, well grounded in history, mythology and literature that serve to give her work depth and context beyond what any fiction can have standing alone. My favorite was definitely Pride, and you have to read all the way to the end to understand just why.
Surfing (Faith) = A very original author and another great example how much short fiction can surprise you. It’s hard to comprehend how you fit a plot twist into 100 words, and the very original approach to Lust was definitely my favorite.
Jamie Evans = Another young one in the field, his writing really fascinated me as he seems to have all the pieces to make a great story. He can tell his fiction in dialogue, description, poetry or whatever combination suits his purpose. I’m glad I looked at his site again before updating this, because his last entry, Gluttony, is my favorite.
Rosie Lane = A contemporary fantasy author who knows how to show her sinners a bad time, while captivating her readers with her wit and originality. My favorite of hers was Wrath (Monster) because of the poignancy of it, but all of hers were excellent and distinct from one another.
Lissa Bilyk = A Young-Adult writer who brings a feminist slant to fantasy, sci-fi and paranormal stories, I’d say my favorite thing about her work is the care she puts into presentation. She makes sure her entries are nice to look at, besides being good reads. My favorite of hers was her adorable interpretation of Wrath. Adorable? Relateable? Something like that.
Rebecca T. Little = A writer of urban fantasy and paranormal romance, with a distinct taste for vampires. All of her sins were posted together as part of the world of her novel, the “Blood Thief” and are sure to be a joy to fans of the work who scour the internet for more. Again, more than any single sin, I liked how hers tied together, and especially developed the world of her story without actually being from the story.
Jessica = Another younger writer, her words are very evocative, and you can sense a larger story behind each of her flash-fictions. Again hard to pick a favorite because she has so many good ones, but I think I have to go with Lust. Deliciously worth it.
The Gorm = Her style is very personal and friendly, letting you in and inviting you to see things from her perspective. Her very first entry is still my favorite, Envy, because the last two sentences alone captures the sin so very perfectly.

And finally Lady Antimony herself. The instigator of the challenge and with the ability to bring a more powerful darkness and finality to the sins than I’d thought was possible in 100 words. Envy still resonates with me of hers.]


They would feed. No, consume. Devour. It wasn’t about hunger, hunger could be slaked, could be stopped. And it wasn’t about survival; nothing would survive and they were no exception. No, it was simply about eating. Consuming. Devouring. It was about tearing and shredding with millions of little jaws. It was about chewing the world up and shitting it back out all while taking the next bite. And the next. The world could have ended in fire or any myriad of other ways, but Dr. Edgar had started on the problem too close to lunch and so locusts it was.


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Jul 12 2011

[Wanted to do a shout out to the rest of the field on this Seven Deadly Sin Blog challenge. The instigating post and links to the challengers is at Lady Antimony’s Blog. For some reason I haven’t been able to comment on all of the posts, I guess having my site powered by WordPress doesn’t automatically give me a WordPress ID–which some of the sites require if you wish to comment. Would that I could comment I have complements for everyone though. It’s a great field.]


Kenta had to hand it to Daisuke; teaming up with Anastasia was sheer brilliance! All the goodies she had access to? Awesome! Technically he should be out training with the others, but why bother? All the good stuff was in the warehouse back here. If he put together the right gear he wouldn’t need training, some of the incendiaries practically wielded themselves. Kenta glanced over his shoulder before slipping a few more artifacts into his pack. Not that anyone would care. If they wanted anything they’d have taken it by now, so really all of this stuff was fair game.


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Jul 11 2011

[5th Deadly Sin in response to Lady Antimony’s blog challenge. Niar Saga is still of course updating as normal.]


Tomoko couldn’t hide her sour expression as she practiced her maneuvers. But miss-perfect didn’t care anyway. Of course she didn’t. She was the big time Dark Hunter and the rest of them were just novices she was humoring out of the kindness of her heart. Tomoko didn’t understand why Daisuke was so infatuated with the bitch; she clearly only cared about herself. Anastasia didn’t deserve Daisuke’s love, not when Tomoko had been working so hard to earn it all these years! Damn bitch, if only someone could put her in her place.


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Jul 10 2011

[A big thanks to everyone who’s been reading these, and especially those who’ve commented. It means a lot to know people are actually reading my writing and it isn’t just going off into space.]


Kirsten bit her lip to keep from crying out as she teased herself with her fingers. She was so hot, her heart raced just from watching him sleep next to her. This was just supposed to be about her father, about implanting his personality in the young Dark Hunter next to her. But Kirsten was enjoying the process so much more than she’d ever dreamed. She was glad her father had died, so she could implement this delicious plan. Seduction had been so easy, so right. Moving her hands from her body to her partner’s, Kirsten whispered in his ear.


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Jul 09 2011


Radolf grinned with the fire of his last attack still blazing from his eyes. Opening his hand he watched the blood-dust blow away in the arid wind. He hadn’t intended to kill all of them, there had been no need. But as he traveled alongside them toward the holy city he couldn’t help noticing how fragile they were. How mortal. It infuriated him, and so he tore out their hearts and destroyed them in the fires that had failed to destroy him. Radolf enjoyed killing and there was no reason to worry about damnation, he’d passed that point long ago.


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Jul 08 2011

[My second post in response to Lady Antimony’s Blog Challenge. Each of these do in fact tie into another story idea I have that could be done as a TV series, but would preferably actually be a video-game trilogy.]


David sighed. It was clearly a trap. Things didn’t just go this well for people like him. He wasn’t bad looking by any stretch, and was pleasant enough. But in this case he’d just killed her father; no way was she actually interested in him. It was just easier to go along with it. True if it was a trap then extricating himself from it after the fact might not even be possible, but he just didn’t feel like another fight already. If he just went along with it then things would be good for the next hour anyway.


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Jul 07 2011

[This entry is the first of a sequence of 7 Flash Fictions tied to the 7 Deadly Sins, which I will be posting one per day on this site between today and Wednesday the 13th. Niar Saga will update as normal during this time, but will not be mentioned on the front-page or in posts.]


Anastasia flicked her scythe out to her side and the blood flew off as easily as if the blade repelled it. Storing the scythe back in the gemstone on the back of her glove she walked away from the terrified would-be prey of her late opponent. Pathetic really, he should have known he couldn’t handle a monster like that. No one could do what she could do, and it’d make her job a lot easier if they’d just stop trying. No monster or fiend could hope to challenge her, no other Dark Hunter come close to matching her prowess.