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Blog Challenges Etc.

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Dec 16 2011

So, I’m actually busy. I know, crazy right? Busy during the Holiday season. Anyway, it’s true. All the same the new post, 12N, of Lost Girls’ Society is up. If you’re new, start from either the Lost Girls’ Society or Niar Saga main story pages.

Marshintire will be back on the art soon as she should now be done with finals–and at risk of forcing a late night somewhere later this month or missed activity I am going to commit to getting more art up myself for Lost Girls’ Society AND getting the gallery and links page back up to date… I’ll probably even get around to catching up on the sites on the Links page I haven’t been to in a while, but for sanity’s sake I’m not going to commit to that this month.

Got a lot more writing to get done and it seems a fair bit of merry-making.

A quick look at things to come in January though–which if like me you’re at all creative you might want to look into–include my friend Stevie’s Nightgale Blog Challenge. A classic literary exploration on the theme of immortality which will run through the month of January–but for which sign-ups are this month. I’m afraid classic literary is not the lens through which I typically consider or explore immortality so this will undoubtedly be a difficult endeavor for me. But that means if I can do it you may be able to do it better and should look into it.

And of course at this point I don’t think I can ever miss a ‘Timony blog challenge, so I’ll be participating in Resolution Confusion next month too. For now it’s more confusion for me than resolution, but I know the crowd ‘Timony draws so I fully expect a great community around the challenge. My hope is that we’re dealing with resolutions by fictitious characters, because I’m not sure I have the fortitude to make a real resolution… Unless, well, maybe…

Just hard introducing such an obvious avenue for further disappointment to my own life right now.

Divine Hell Bonus

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Dec 10 2011

Well, if our gracious host ‘Timony Souler can do a bonus installment of Divine Hell so can I!

Bonus: (continued from Limbo)

“My name is Abner Bancroft,” the old man wheezed nasally, “I’m the one who made your grandmother’s ring there.”

Lara swung her legs around so she was sitting on the table, instead of laid out like some cadaver. Actually, Abner looked to be the better part of the way to dead himself, with sagging wrinkles and age-spots like acid stains. Lara glanced down at the diamond ring on her finger.

“What’s so important about it? Why does Lady Martel want it, and why did I feel like I needed to keep it?”

Smiling, Abner palmed his thick glasses back into his face, “That ring was the source of your grandmother’s powers. She was one of the world’s first confirmed super-heroes.”

Lara scoffed and put a hand up to her aching head. Apparently she was going to have to figure this out on her own. Abner was either senile or messing with her, and either way she didn’t have time for it.

“It’s true,” Abner nodded, scratching his hideous sweater, “Thirty-nine years ago I discovered a process of attuning gemstones that allowed them to harness the power of human, feelings. The power ended up exceeding even what I had imagined.

Christina Martel has in a single generation brainwashed the entire world into believing that she has always been its ruler—but that is a lie. Before she became the object of worship she is today, she was the world’s first super-villain.”

“How dare you talk about Lady Martel so disrespectfully!” Lara was shocked by the old man’s audacity, and even more guilt-ridden for not just giving Lady Martel the ring when she had the chance.

“And even before that,” Abner clasped his hands to stop their trembling, but could do nothing to the quaver in his voice, “Christina was my lab-assistant. She stole the Ruby we attuned together and began using it in bids to conquer the world. I managed to attune a total of six other gemstones and gave them to your grandmother and her friends in order to give them the power to fight Christina.

Your grandmother saved the entire world twice over from Christina’s machinations… Before finally losing her life in Christina’s third attempt. Even after Christina took over your father led a Resistance movement alongside Maria Fox, one of your grandmother’s fellow heroes. But Christina finally got to him a decade ago.

Lara, between your heritage and that diamond, you are our world’s last hope to be free from Christina’s iron grasp. I’ll do everything I can to help you, but the choice to fight must be yours.”


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Dec 08 2011


“M-Mari?” the maid’s tears cleared her eyes as if seeing for the first time, “Mari!”

Chalk one up for love. Lara could feel it flow into her ring.

“Nina,” Maria, Lady Martel’s hardened security chief, wept as she held her sister, “Te amo mucha, mi hermanita.”

A gunshot later, Nina withered to the floor. Lara stood shocked as Maria turned back to her, smoking gun still in hand.


“You look so much like your grandmother,” Maria considered her gun, “Thank you. Nina’s finally free, and now I can join her.”

“I don’t understand…” Lara trembled as she watched Maria place the gun to her own temple.

“Angie was one of the lucky ones, to die in the final battle. I wish I could help you finish what we started, but Martel still controls me. After a lifetime wading through burning rivers of blood, I can finally put down roots.”


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Dec 07 2011


“Come, my children,” the handsome young preacher smiled, “sit with me a moment.”

Father Jacques leaned comfortably on the stone baptismal font set up at the crest of the hill where he sat. Lara wanted to go to him, but looked to Kaitlyn first. Since escaping MIR the two had become inseparable, and now with the Warden’s rose-quartz Kaitlyn had the power to fight alongside Lara.

“You have forsaken our Lady,” Jacques shook his head with an understanding smile, “yet still she reaches out to forgive you.”

Lara’s heart pulled to the young preacher, ready to leave her chest if her body persisted in refusing to join him. She wanted Lady Martel’s forgiveness; she wanted things back to the way they were. Lara wanted to serve her Lady and forget about all this pointless fighting. But whenever Lara saw Kaitlyn’s eyepatch she remembered what Lady Martel was capable of.



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Dec 06 2011


Lara tore the door to the last cell off its hinges as an inferno spread through Martel’s Institute of Reform. She was still having trouble adjusting to bizarre power surges from her grandmother’s ring.

“We have to get out of here,” Lara approached the small figure curled in the padded cell.

The girl looked up at Lara, her right eye covered by a medical patch but hope welling in her left from under her ash-brown curls. Even with the heavier smoke drifting down from above it was the stench of filth this girl had been made to live in that made Lara gag.

“Are you the one I was made for?”

“What?” Lara glanced back at the flames, “Come on! We have to go!”

The girl ran to Lara and hugged her tightly, “They said they were making me for someone. I never ever dreamed it could be an angel.”


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Dec 05 2011

It’s another Antimony Blog Challenge! You can find the details and other participants at her website or look for the hashtag #DivineHell on Twitter. For mine I decided to run with the world and characters of my submission for her November Challenge. Also note that this is the last day to submit for my Fairies of Terra, though I won’t cut off submissions until midnight Pacific Standard Time.


Intense dull pain. Light. Lara slowly allowed herself to become more aware of her surroundings. The acrid scent of industry was less pronounced here than the slums—not absent, more contained. It mixed with sweeter scents Lara couldn’t place. Neither warm nor cold, she was laying on a metal surface.

Finally Lara opened her eyes. Strange devices lined this windowless steel bunker, along with seven iron-black doors leading to places unknown. Lara’s gaze settled on her grandmother’s ring on her left hand.

“I betrayed Lady Martel,” Lara groaned as a weight settled in her stomach.

“No, you honored your grandmother,” the cracked whistling voice alerted Lara to the presence of the old man from the slums.

“You!” Lara looked back to where he was sitting at the table’s head, “You shot Lady Martel with a rocket launcher!”

“Twenty years ago that could have at least knocked her off her feet…”

Have Yourself a Little Friday

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Dec 02 2011

Sorry for the mess if you’ve noticed it, just kidding if you haven’t. November was a very busy month for me, but in spite of abstaining from my usual blog challenge activities I don’t seem to have finished the award winning Sci-Fi movie script I’d meant to get done… In fact the beginning went rough enough that I’m anticipating an even harsher editing process–though at least it’s finally picking up steam now that I’m getting into the character relationships that were my actual interest in writing the story.

Preliminary analysis? I probably have too much scene-setting in the beginning. Which makes sense, but is still hard to realize that opening with action isn’t necessarily a good hook if that action isn’t necessary to the story. Ah, the difference between “cool” and “worth-having-in-the-movie”…

The new Lost Girls’ Society Post (11H) is now up and accessible via the Pages Navigation to the right or the main Lost Girls’ Society story page. I realize I’m terribly behind on the images for the site, which is another thing I meant to get done in November but didn’t. I can promise there’ll be a front-page post when I get all of that sorted out.

Now on to the Polls; the last poll was about whether or not it would be worth delving into any of the Lost Girls’ individual stories in novel form. There was actually rather little interest expressed in getting Audrey’s story, virtually none in Nadine or Horera’s–and only barely enough for some sort of novel involving all three of them. Of course, Lost Girls’ Society is the shared story between the three of them–so I’m going to hold off on writing a novel of all three girls until we’re closer to the end of Lost Girls’ Society. Maybe your interest in seeing them together will be sated by then, as in all I do believe Lost Girls’ Society will be a very complete story.

In the event that it’s not I may have an additional Poll at that time to see what you are interested in for the ongoing adventures of the Lost Girls.

And now Marshintire's adorable concept sketch for the Plant Daemons.




Now, on the topic of getting back into blog challenges; Lady Antimony’s DivineHell begins on December 5–the last day for submissions to Fairies of Terra if you want your fairy to appear in Lost Girls’ Society. And note that Fairies of Terra is now linked from the Lost Girls’ Society main page for your convenience.


Anyway, my story about Lara finding her grandmother’s ring, and Lady Martel, seemed surprisingly well received… Unless Shazia and Antimony were just being nice by saying they wanted to read more. Either way, I’m moving forward with the idea that there’s actually interest in the story which was an unplanned sequel to a different story that I’d been thinking would sit on my back-burner for the foreseeable future.

So the plan is to tie my entries for DivineHell into Lara’s story when I post them next week. Similar to my Dark Hunters Trilogy into which readers were given windows by my first blog challenges with Lady Antimony, only unlike the Dark Hunters, this particular story will not be collected or explained on a neat story page like the Dark Hunters, I won’t even explicitly call attention to the name/initials of the story and maintain plausible deny-ability regarding the existence of this particular one.

Why? Because if and when it does finally reach its final form it will belong to a wholly different body of work than the rest of what I post on this site. And that’s all I’m saying on that.

Antimony Antics–A Future World

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Nov 29 2011

I have no way of knowing who is reading this, if anyone is at all, but it is my sincere hope you are a person of character. In my last moments I’m afraid I have no choice but to pass my burden to you, if my ring falls into her hands as well… I can’t let that happen. We may never have met; in fact it’s possible that generations have passed since my demise. If such is the case I pray my failure here today has not left you in a world of total darkness—but know that if it has, this ring will be your light. If the light of love has been lost from the world, or is still threatened, don this ring and its power will give you the strength to fight all evil. –Angie Lincoln

Lara shook her head as she turned the jewelry box in her hand. Grandma had a weird sense of humor, but Lara had to admit her diamond ring was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. How strange that ten years after her father’s disappearance the government would finally call her to reclaim his belongings. Most of it was junk, but Grandma’s ring had to be worth a fortune for the diamond alone.

“Thank you for opening that box for me, child. You may now give me the ring.”

“Lady Martel!” Lara spun in surprise and reflexively prostrated before The Lady herself.

What was The Lady doing here in the slums?

The above is my submission for the November Antimony Antics, you can find links to the other participants there.

Continue reading only if you want a bizarre yet vague analysis of my own work (which is not something I usually offer).

I actually have a rather different (to my knowledge) super-hero story in mind that I’m still mulling over the best way to present it—though if this piece is any indication it just might not turn out well for the heroes, which leads to this DJ Coffman’s Hero by Night-esque scenario. At least, that’s what the above reminded me of after I finished it—or am I flattering myself too much there? Actually who even thinks Lara ends up with the ring? Now that I think about it I don’t know if I do.

Happy Halloween!

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Oct 31 2011

How cool that Halloween came on one of my regular posting days, eh? Lost Girls’ Society continues as normal, and the current poll closes around 1pm today–fortunately the tie is broken for now.

And now a parting shot from Kerri’s Creatures–I encourage you to go back and check out the others here on the main page as well as Lady Antimony’s Ghouls Galore Challenge that inspired them.

I know, it’s not that good–but hopefully still entertaining?

Kerri’s Creatures-Week 4

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Oct 29 2011

“It wasn’t my idea to live with an encyclopedia’s worth of monsters,” Kerri explained, “My mother left everything to me.”

“Well, I think your creatures are fabulous.” Mirro smiled airily.

Then sudden thunderous borborygmus from behind Kerri’s house demanded investigation. If Frank had forgotten to feed Burt there was going to be hell to pay!

Burt, supposedly the greatest of the creatures her mother had left to her. Kerri’s personal protector. A white-scaled old dragon who was so ancient he couldn’t even stay awake long enough to say his own name, ‘Burt’ being all the more he’d ever gotten out! Dragons were supposed to get stronger as they aged, and she’d never heard of one getting old enough to reverse that process.

Great! No sign of Frank; but The Professor was standing in Burt’s mouth, holding it open. Before Kerri could stop her, Mirro joined The Professor in Burt’s mouth.

“Oh, Professor, you’re so brave!” Mirro wrapped her arms around him. “Just think, if your strength gave out we could both be digested in mere moments!”

“Professor! What are you doing in Burt’s mouth? And where’s Frank?” Kerri growled.

The Professor stuttered an unsatisfying ramble attempting to respond to both Mirro and Kerri, cut short by the return of the cadaver golem, Frank, bearing Burt’s steak and pill.

“Frank! What’s going on here?” Kerri stamped her foot, “I told you to prop Burt’s mouth open with a beam, not The Professor!”

“Beam broke!” Frank’s cacophonous laughter echoed over the hills.