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Lost Girls Society, Assemble!

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May 11 2012

So I saw “The Avengers” today–definitely lived up to my expectations. All the build up and so large a cast, it was an incredibly ambitious project and with that in mind I can’t imagine a significantly better end product than what they got. So instead of a Forecast this Friday, I figured it’d be worth revisiting Friday Sketches with the girls of Lost Girls’ Society suiting up as their favorite Avengers.

I don’t think my sketch contains spoilers for the movie, but odds are people familiar with both the movie and the Lost Girls Society (linked at the top of the site or under Pages on the navigation bar) will most enjoy the sketch.

Audrey, Horera and Nadine all have a couple Avengers they identify with, and no perfect matches. That said, Audrey would ultimately settle on Iron Man, Horera on Hulk and Nadine on Captain America. Hawkeye seems like the obvious choice for Nadine, and she loves his style and equipment, but ultimately their roles in the movie and Nadine’s team-spirit make Cap the better fit.