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Open Invitation

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Jul 25 2012

This isn’t a proper update, because I said there’d be none of those this week.

Instead I wanted to issue an open invitation to participate in this week’s Thursday Threads Challenge over at as I will be judging and have heard whispers that I am in fact a good judge.

So swing by for some quality Flash Fiction, and/or bring your A-game and submit your own entry to make my job as judge more difficult–you just may be happy you did. Thursday Threads is one of my favorite weekly challenges because it ties each week’s entries to the previous week’s winner–and I am suddenly embarrassed to realize I have not done an Other Web Wednesday entry for Siobhan Muir’s excellent site. That will have to be remedied.

Again, I’m judging Thursday, July 26th.


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Jul 20 2012

Eh, sorry… A few unexpected speed bumps in the way of extra real world work to take care of. Since the real goal is to come back to the site in August and the posts since the end of Lost Girls’ Society have just been to keep things interesting… I think I’m going to have to take another week off.

Sorry for the disappointment if it does disappoint any of you–but remember it’s a great opportunity to go back and re-read some of your favorite flash fictions, use the search bar to the right to uncover hidden gems you may have missed or forgotten about (Kerri’s Creatures is a good example), or even go back and immerse yourself in the fantasy worlds of Niar Saga or Lost Girls’ Society by following the appropriate links at the top of the site.

Lambda Creations

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Jul 18 2012

The website I wanted to feature this week is that of my friend, Andy Isbell, an artist, writer, programmer… Actually the closest I’m aware of to a personal acquaintance who literally does everything. His website, Lambda Creations, reflects that well.

The site is very neatly laid out with links to his artwork, articles, written work and space holders for more like graphic novels as he completes them. He’s a very passionate person, and I think that shines through in everything he does. The site itself is still sort of in a developmental state, but that means you can get fully caught up in relatively little time and then watch for his weekly updates (Thursdays being his official update day).

There isn’t much else to say, except that no matter your interest there’s a decent chance there’s something for you over at Lambda Creations (or will be soon)–even if that thing is just the chance to see a modern renaissance man at work.

And now for the Q&A with Andy himself;

-How long has been on the internet?

-Since October of 2011.

-Do you have other sites your fans should know about?, my deviantart page

-What was your motivation for creating

-To have a place to put up all of my creations and post my thoughts about creating art and literature in general.

-What would you most like to happen with in the next year?

-I have a couple projects in the works, one which would be a chronicle of a world that’s semi-real, and then I’d love to set it up so commissions could be done in an easy format.

-Is there anything else readers should know about you or your website?

-I update on Thursdays, even though moving slowed me down for two weeks. Don’t be shy to leave comments on whatever!


A Thousand Apologies

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Jul 09 2012

Okay, maybe not a thousand apologies–I don’t feel that bad about it–but while I think I could resume my regular Monday/Wednesday/Friday post schedule this week and get away with it I am choosing to delay until next week so that I don’t do anything halfway and then waste your time with it.

Getting back up to speed after being gone for a while is taking more time than I think it should, but part of the pay off for you readers is that there’s a full fledged novel in the works and progress will begin in earnest for that come August. Please bear with me, or wait and come back later using the handy Calendar in the side bar to see what I posted when, and I promise when next I post it’ll be worth reading.

Until then maybe re-read some of your old favorites, check out the About Page or some other corner of the site linked above you maybe aren’t familiar with, or go back to the Super Flash Fiction post preceding this one and realize that’s really something you want to get behind.

Immediate Friday

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Jun 01 2012

Let’s see, I think most of my forecasts this Friday are for the immediate future–way too much going on for me to be looking too far ahead just now. Things should settle down by July though, and then work will start in earnest on my fantasy novel come August… Perhaps I should poll you guys for a title.

The thing most immediate on my radar is the completion of my Arel Wars Strategy Guide, the fantasy tower defense game for smartphones that needed a strategy guide so badly I took it upon myself to write one. There are three factions identified by their Hero–Vincent, Helba and Juno respectively. I’ve already completed and posted the guides for Juno and Helba, who not coincidentally I feel most needed strategy guides, but I should have Vincent’s guide finished and posted some time tomorrow. I may go back and add hand-drawn artwork to make the guides more visually interesting, but for practical purposes they’ll be done.

Then you can just scroll down to the previous post to learn a bit about ‘Timony Souler and her Blog Challenges, the next Dice Games starting on this coming Monday–which I highly encourage you to sign up if you’re at all of a writerly persuasion, or just make note of who is signed up if reading’s more your thing.

Monday will in fact be a double-post day as I simply MUST make a My Phone Monday entry on the 4th for an iPhone game that has made me seriously consider taking back every bad thing I ever said about Arel Wars and its creator, Gamevil. This thing is so terrible I’m not sure I’m going to keep it on my phone, so I have to get the “My Phone Monday” entry in while it is still on “my phone”.

I will then vanish on June 12, and will be without web-presence until roughly June 25.

Busy Times

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May 21 2012

Well, another week with no new My Phone Monday review–don’t worry, there’s still plenty to review including some I highly reccomend. Just things have been and will continue to be hectic on this end for a few more weeks. Also I am working on finishing my Arel Wars Strategy Guide, so as to hopefully spare a few people the frustration I and it seems many others endured trying to figure out whether it was even possible to beat the game without effectively paying Gamevil a bribe to let you win (the answer is YES, you can win without paying them a cent–which is good because I still don’t approve of how grabby they are for money, even though if they weren’t so grabby I’d consider the game easily worth ten bucks, maybe fifteen).

Actually, I’ve already posted the strategy guides for the two factions I feel most need them–and there’s another easy to find strategy guide covering the humans. So I guess it’s more accurate to say I’m working on my human strategy guide for Arel Wars because I’m a completionist.

Also, no new posts this Friday or Memorial Day because I’ll be out of town. Other Web Wednesday is still on this week, and you’re very allowed to be mad at me if there isn’t one next week too. The other anticipated lapses however I ask that you not hold against me, as all of it is meant to merely keep the site fresh until I launch into my next big project–some of you voted on–in August.

Still on Arel Wars

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May 14 2012

So there will be no new My Phone Monday post this week, because I’m fervently working on my Arel Wars Strategy Guide. For Helba and Juno at least the game desperately needs one, and since I couldn’t find any (except one for Vincent) I have taken it upon myself to craft my own strategy guide for the game.

Juno’s guide is done (my first and still preferred faction), but Helba’s is taking a little longer to complete. I do not anticipate any difficulties whatsoever with putting up my own account of Vincent’s campaign however.

I have beat the game with all three factions and am happy to answer questions if my guide doesn’t (either currently or in general) cover said questions. I am, however, playing through the game again with each faction (in Hard mode) as a refresher for what the missions were and what difficulties I encountered on my way through, so completion of the guides is somewhat contingent upon actually beating the game again.

And that’s the problem. Turns out there’s a difference between being able to complete a mission once and being able to repeat the performance–let alone explain how to complete that mission so someone else I may never meet can also complete it. As of right now I have 35/40 Stages complete in Hard Mode for Helba, but have stalled because of difficulties following my own recommended unit levels in Hard Mode (which I still think would be better labeled “New Game+”, but admittedly is quite Hard by the end).

You see, in Hard Mode the computer is fielding “x2” versions of the units you fight in the Normal play-through–and the units you get as quest rewards are also of the “x2” variety. That’s the only difference. Of course with the computer playing x2 units I also want to play x2 units–but the gold costs to upgrade x2 units is RIDICULOUSLY high.

This isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the game, upgrading x2 units being more expensive makes a lot of sense–and it is technically “Hard Mode”. However it is slowing down my ability to complete the last 5 Stages so I can post Helba’s walk-through as I already have for Juno’s.

If I could have one wish for Hard Mode–which is totally separate from my recommendations at the end of my Arel Wars Review to actually fix problems with the game–it would be that the units gained from replaying stages were also of the x2 variety, since selling those excess units would provide the gold necessary to upgrade the x2 units I’m keeping. So unlike the recommended fixes I don’t think this is necessary to make Arel Wars the game it should have been (should have been 5 Stars), and rather is just something I would personally appreciate.

Right now my intention is to without fail post Helba’s Strategy Guide this week. If I am unable to beat Hard Mode in that time, then I’ll just have to post what I’ve got and then update as necessary later.

That’s all for now.

No Wednesday

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May 02 2012

Sorry to say there will again be no post this Wednesday. Other priorities remain higher–but Monday’s post is a pretty good one (the whole reason I decided to do the My Phone Monday series). So you can go back and check out the previous entry, and if you’re into fantasy, role-playing or strategy games check out Arel Wars (and follow the link at the bottom of that post or through the Archives at the top of every page, to the strategy guide I’m writing for the game).

Or you can check out my drawing of Anastasia Heavenrent, the Dark Hunter, in the Arel Wars style. See if you can find the three mistakes I made in drawing her that I’m debating whether or not to correct and upload a new version.

Hazy Future

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Apr 27 2012

So… We have a novel as my next major project, still waiting on the poll results before I’ll be able to give you any windows into the progress of the work.

I’ve got a lot of reading to do and a lot of other general catch-up to do on my web-presence which is part of why I’m taking until August before starting serious work on the next project. I still haven’t made any significant progress on that other stuff I need to do, but I’m guessing some you you can relate to things just piling up.

A few forecasts not directly related to the novel and without exact timelines associated with them other than “soon”;

I will be updating the site starting with the Links page and then moving to the Galleries–getting my Links up to date and adding new ones, as well as adding new images to the Galleries and likely my Deviant Art page too.

There’s also a more than even chance I’ll be adding a page for the BESM campaign chronicled by Melody’s Diary entries, since some interest in that was expressed by the rest of the group. So collect Melody’s Diary entries there for one thing, but also contributions by the others and who knows what else.

March Madness Wrap-Up

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Mar 30 2012

Okay, here’s my post-challenge wrap-up. Participation and completion seem to be at an all-time low for a ‘Timony challenge, which makes me sad. Of course even I have been experiencing enough real-world stressors that keeping up with reading and writing has been very difficult. Perhaps by summer things will be better all around-as summer was my first blog challenge with ‘Timony (or at all, the 7 Sins Blog Challenge).

‘Timony Souler: The every lovely originator of the challenge, this time she gave us crown princes of Hell to play with. Though like me it seems keeping up with life, reading and writing has been difficult as of late.

Rebecca Clare Smith: A stalwart from ‘Timony’s challenges and sensual writer of Urban Fantasy—not to mention host of the up-and-coming Sat-Sun-Tails Challenges (reference to the Sonic character, definitely worth checking out). For this challenge Rebecca gives us demons on earth and wreaking havoc on helpless mortals—my favorite being week 2 “Royal Lip Service” for its richness of detail, character and feeling.

Emilia Quill: Absolutely amazing fantasy author with incredible worlds, creatures and characters. This time she treats us to the demon blighted trials of a shapeshifter named Vret, told in multiple parts. My favorite installment though has to be week 1, because of the completeness achieved in such a short piece.

Meg McNulty: Long time fellow blog-challenger, Meg’s stories achieve a depth of history and context that is utterly enthralling. For March Madness she gives us a narrator’s delve into demon-binding, and my favorite is week 2 for the double-jeopardy of two hell-princes—plus it’s an awesome portrayal of Asmodeus who as a D&D nerd I’m rather partial to.