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Diabolical Deeds Wrap Up

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Oct 29 2012

Well, that’s the end of ‘Timony’s Diabolical Deeds Challenge, hopefully the tales were enjoyed here and on the other participating sites–but in the event that you missed it get over to ‘Timony’s site and check out the prompts and participants.

‘Timony Souler – Our Challenge host, and the one who will always be significant to my online writing persona because of challenges like 7 Sins and 7 Virtues that got me started on Flash Fiction in the first place. Undaunted by stringent word counts and difficult/obscure word prompts, ‘Timony delivers strong sensory fiction on a consistent basis–when not waylaid by real world demands. My favorite of her contributions to her own challenge this time was Day Two’s “The Promotion” because sometimes it’s just nice to observe a demon who really values their work.

Lisa McCourt Hollar– Host of the #55WordChallenge, and incredibly vivid writer whose horror stories actually scare me in spite of just being words on a page (or screen), which is an accomplishment because I normally refrain from delving into the genre deeply enough to be affected like that–her words and characters pull me in even when I’m wary of what they’ll reveal. It was her second entry, “Dangerous Games”, that I’m going with as my favorite in this challenge because on top of her usual richness of characterization and setting, there’s a little something sexy there too.

Meg McNulty– A writer I met early in my flash-ficiton experience and regular for ‘Timony Challenges, Meg brings a richness of history and context to her writing that is absolutely compelling. Her second entry, “The Cave”, is especially good this time around because of the balance of fantasy and horror that make it feel like anything could happen.

Jeffrey Hollar– Another longtime contributor to ‘Timony’s Challenges, and another impeccable horror writer–he can almost always capture the dark in life or in people in a way that will turn the stomach or make the skin crawl, but when he feels like it can deliver real fun, whimsy and comedy as well. And, surprise surprise, it was the second entry again that most captivated me. How did everyone else do such a good job with Calu? “A Night Out” really provided a setting and characters I’d love to see more of, even casually with no particular plot line.

Mark Ethridge– A regular on the Flash Fiction scene, this is his first ‘Timony Challenge. His words are poetic and invitingly original, and this time around I think he really gained steam as he worked his way through the challenge. My favorite entry was actually his 4th Entry, “Sthenno”, but a lot of that is favoritism for the strong female lead and Greek mythology, I would argue that his final entry was even stronger.

Stacy Bennet-Hoyt– Another regular from the Flash Fiction circuit, yet newcomer to the ‘Timony scene. Sort of a hidden character since she missed the sign-up deadline but participated anyway, and delivered her usual flash brilliance and power with each entry. Choosing a favorite among such strong entries was hard, but I’m ever so slightly favoring her 2nd Entry, “Calu”, because she gets the sexiness that others captured and also taught me a new word I intend to start making use of.


And to my knowledge that’s all the entries. If I missed anyone, let me know and I’ll remedy that.


Second Dice Games Retrospective

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Jun 13 2012

So I’m setting this review of ‘Timony Souler’s Dice Games from last week in advance to post as a sort of ‘Other Web Wednesday’ for the week since it does mention and link to other sites those of a reading or writing bent may wish to check out. I’ll already be out of town until late the 22nd by the time this goes up, so I want to mention that I commented in response to every entry from this round of the Dice Games I could find–so if I didn’t comment on one of yours that means I didn’t see it and would appreciate you posting a link to it in the comments section.

You can jump back to read my entries from the beginning by following the link to my adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.


‘Timony Souler: Our monthly challenge host, ‘Timony Souler invites us back into the dark and unexpected corners of her mind with this second installment of Dice Games—where we had to roll for each of our writing prompts from a list with some real oddities, as evidenced by the variety of stories that arose. My favorite of ‘Timony’s personal contributions this time was her second entry, Slaughter, because a great panicked atmosphere and Inquisitional overtones.

Lisa McCourt Hollar: Her impeccable writing gets you right into her characters’ heads, and doesn’t let you out no matter how much you want to escape. Honestly a lot of her stuff is too scary for me, but well worth checking out if you value good writing at all. If you also like horror than you may love Jezri’s Nightmares. I only found one entry for Dice Games, Perfect Strangers, but it’s one of my favorite things she’s written. When an author does horror so well, sometimes it’s nice to dislike the protagonist.

Stevie McCoy: A good friend and a good writer, host of the Tuesday Tales Blog Challenge, excellent community builder and all around versatile and impressive person. This time around she gave us proper vampires in tales of blood, hunger and amorality. My favorite was the first one though, Death Becomes You, because I can infer an incredible relationship between the vampire and her two victims.

Emilia Quill: An absolutely amazing fantasy author, who I’m actually hoping to do a short cross-over work with soon if both our schedules can clear up a bit. Her worlds and creatures are so rich and evocative, they really speak for themselves. So my favorite was her second entry because it captured both of those and told a genuinely awesome love story.

Julie Fisher: Though I only found one entry for this Dice Games, Julie delivers another dose of feel-good sentimentality with her entry. She does a great job of capturing the feelings in her scenes, and I’ll never complain about a piece that leaves me with a smile.

Lena Corazon: Lena’s an amazing writer and academic whose site regularly delivers everything from compelling fiction to insights into the craft and just generally fun reading. My favorite was definitely her second entry, Worthless?, for so many reasons—but just for here I’m going to say it’s because I am Gareth and love Serenity.

Meg McNulty: The weight of historical and cultural relevance behind Meg’s work guarantee a far deeper and richer experience from reading her work than would otherwise be possible within the word count. My favorite was her third entry, Achilles’ Choice, because it really gets into the myth and history that make Meg’s work so rich while also humanizing the characters through their choice and actions. That and I love Odysseus.

California, Couches and Commitments

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Sep 16 2011

Things are staying busy with me; my correspondence course with the Institute of Children’s Literature has begun and I already feel behind on my course-work, still trying to keep ahead on Lost Girls’ Society so that the burden of making the Monday/Friday post dates for the main story don’t fall unfairly on Marshintire (who is also very busy), and of course keeping up with this month’s Monday postings for the Dice Games hosted by Lady Antimony, and finally trying not to fall too far behind on reading and actually being a contributing part of an online writerly community instead of just shoving my writing at everyone.

So I’m going to go ahead and admit that I received another blog award from The Glitterlady and from Charitygirl, but that I do not have the time to adequately acknowledge it–in fact by the time you see this I’ll already be on the road for California. You see, this weekend my Dad and I are delivering a recently acquired couch to my sister at college down in California. So this is a post-leaving announcement of my absence for the weekend. The new Lost Girls’ Society post is up, but since I will not be able to do manual updates on the road that means that you’ll need to use the Pages navigation to the right until Monday or so when I’ll be able to update the main story page. For fun this week I thought I’d take a stab at drawing Horera in a sort of Harry Potter fan art.

So hopefully you’re all now extra glad that the marvelous Marshintire is doing the art, because I know I at least wouldn’t want to see my attempts at drawing the girls while knowing how amazing Marshintire’s renditions are (and by the way much more accurate to how I picture them than my own, how sad is that?). Though if you’re curious, Horera would totally be a Hufflepuff girl (not that she’d be allowed into Hogwarts what with no magical ability, makes me sad but at least we don’t have to tell her). She’s strong and brave, but nothing trumps her loyalty and good-nature.


And then since you all got to see more of everyone’s favorite Dark Hunter, Anastasia Heavenrent, on Monday I thought I’d share Marshintire’s super-chibi sketch featuring her for Sketch Friday. We have Anastasia on the left, who I had the opportunity of playing in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign which Marshintire also took part in. In the center is Marshintire’s character, Airok, who definitely kept pace with Anastasia in battle by dual wielding rapiers with lightning speed–and finally on the end is Airok’s lion companion, Ghez.


Thanks for stopping by and hopefully see you again Monday for more Dice Games and Lost Girls.

Liebster Blog

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Aug 26 2011

The new Lost Girls’ Society post is now up and accessible from the main story page or Pages navigation to the right–but today I urge you to stick around for the rest of this post.

You see, Margaret aka. Charity Girl gave me the Liebster Blog Award earlier this week and it’s taken me until now to respond to it. So thank you so much for that!

For a bit of context, I normally despise chain-letters or things resembling them–not even really a fan of pyramid schemes. There’s always the element that they tend to remind me how small my address book is, but also I value time very highly and those things often seem like a waste of it.
The Liebster Award however seems different to me because it is an honest compliment from a fellow blogger, and legitimate tool for building an online community to the betterment of all.

Charity Girl gave me and a few others the Liebster in this post–and it’s worth checking out because of that whole online community thing. She’s also given me her time–which is tremendously valuable to me–in the form of comments here on my site and further assistance behind the scenes as she is able in the form of character consultation for Audrey in Lost Girls’ Society.
She has experience and knowledge that constantly grow thanks to her thirst for those things, and she applies them brilliantly in her writing. Every piece of hers you can really feel the added weight of the history behind it.

Now, the purpose of the Liebster is to increase awareness for blogs that might currently be in need of greater readership. I am unfortunately not so web-savvy as to be able to tell how many followers people have, but I’m going to take my best shot and pass the award on to three other bloggers I have tremendous respect for. I’m trying not to have any redundancy with Charity Girl’s own list, but unfortunately this is where my very small address book again is a liability and there is some redundancy with other recent Liebster awards.

  1. Azn BadgerThe Azn Badger is a personal friend of mine, and he keeps up a regular blog analyzing current media and sharing his thoughts on life and the like. He’s got a great conversational style of writing that is really fun to read and gives you a pretty good idea how awesome it is to hang out with him.
  2. Jamila Jamison – I know she already got another Liebster recently, but I’ve only recently become aware of her writing and am truly in awe. She is working on what sounds like an absolutely fascinating steampunk detective story, at the same time as a massive thesis and has two other novels in progress too! The thing is, the number of things she’s working on gives you an idea how much she’s capable of, and has me expecting a lot from everything she does.
  3. Emilia Quill – I know, another recent Liebster recipient! But again, totally worth giving her another one. She’s a fantasy writer I recently became aware of, and her worlds and creatures are so rich and fanciful that you could never have too much, but even a little is a joy.

Hhmm, that’s a much nicer format for recommending people, huh? I should update my Links page to more resemble this format. Though on the topic of the Links page, if you ever need a good website to go to then that’s a good place to look. Every site there is run by a creator I have very strong positive feelings toward, and in each case explain why they deserved a place on my personal Links page. Really almost any of those I could’ve given Liebsters to, but again most of them already have at least one.

For anyone who’s left curious, the terms of the Liebster Award are;

  1. Accept the award and thank the blogger who gave it to you
  2. Pass the award on to 3-5 bloggers with fewer than 200 followers and let them know they got it
  3. Link back to the person who gave it to you