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Fantasy Fighter

Gaming | Posted by David A Ludwig
Jan 29 2019

The Fantasy Fighter universe I’ve been using for Blog Hops and #MenageMonday is one of my older game concepts, which the more I work with it the more I think it could be very successful if I had the connections to cover the parts I can’t do myself. If your interest is in the characters and story go ahead and jump down to the list of Fighters.

At its heart, Fantasy Fighter is basically my own take on Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior. More specifically I see it being a supernatural/fantasy focused 2D Fighting Game with all the passion for and attention to detail the genre exemplifies. A critical difference in my mind though, is I would like Fantasy Fighter to be easier to pick up and play than I have experienced 2D Fighters to be. That could be a turn off for hardcore gamers, but I feel they already have other options and it would be nice to have a foothold in the genre for regular and even casual gamers to experience a game where every move or idle tells you about the character and details in the stages tell you about the world. I also happen to believe that it’s possible to make a game that is both deep AND fun to learn, but understand that is a lofty goal.

Given the current state of gaming loaded with patches, updates and in-game purchases, I feel like it would make sense to do Fantasy Fighter as a single game instead of a series of 2D Fighters like it might have been in the past. So rather than a second and third game, my idea would be to sell additional “seasons” to the base game. I have stories, final and sub-bosses for 3 seasons. Though there is a lot I don’t have.

An early concept sketch from the road trip I had the idea on

The real point of Fantasy Fighter is the characters—and those are also who you want to know about if you want to get more on my Flash Fiction in the universe. So without further ado;

    • Adrian Godard: [Church Exorcist] A black German warrior-priest capable of summoning the Sword of Uriel. He travels the world battling the unholy, particularly the succubus, Melantha. His play style is to take advantage of limited usage of the Sword at close and mid range.
    • Biomass Delta: [Toxic Blob] A goopy mindless incarnation of pure hunger. It keeps alive by traveling and feeding, developing a particular taste for the magical girl, Hazuki. Its play style is about wearing its opponent down with damage over time.
    • Caldwell Keller: [Possessed Drifter] A grey haired, chain smoking, hard drinking mercenary possessed by a demon shadow. He’ll take just about any job if the pay is good enough and tends to butt heads with the more duty oriented android, Major Cannon. His play style focuses on weaker rapid strikes with excellent range thanks to his demon shadow.
    • Butch Slade: [Dirtbag] A deranged giant of a man that almost can’t be human. His story is about merciless vengeance against the world itself, particularly Agency hero, Johnny. He is so physically large it’s hard to avoid his attacks, but also hard to miss him.
    • Hazuki Akiyama: [Magical Girl] The latest in a maternal line of Japanese heroes capable of creating what they need to fight by force of will. She is a new hero looking to make the world a better place, and specifically identifies the possessed Caldwell as in need of purifying. Her play style involves toolbox special moves that she is unimpressive without.
    • Karl Victorien: [Monster] Somewhere between the Jewish Golem and Frankenstein’s monster, he has become deeply philosophical in the years since his creator’s death. He travels the world seeking a purpose for his artificial existence but is opposed by the wolf girl, Wenona. His style is a grapple tank that grabs his opponents and breaks them.
    • Melantha Karahalios: [She Devil] A Greek succubus and club owner with powerful fire magic. Whether at her club or on the road she means to enjoy what the world has to offer and not let exorcists like Adrian send her back to hell. Her play style focuses on blasting her opponent from a safe distance.
    • Wenona Grey: [Wolf Girl] A mixed Native/French Canadian who uses the spirits of the forest to ravage the enemies of nature without speaking. She hunts all enemies of nature, but most specifically the monster of her own forest, Karl. Her fighting style is about power and speed, primarily at close range.
    • HuÄ«tzilĹŤpĹŤchtli: [Solar Alien] <Unlocked by beating Season 1 Story with all Core Characters and Major Cannon> A fiery alien conqueror resembling, or perhaps the inspiration for, the Aztec war god of the same name. His mission is the absolute domination of the Earth, making him the Final Boss of Season 1 and a threat to all the fighters. His play style is about managing the ebb and flow of power, that when it’s up is the greatest in the game.
    • Major Stevie Cannon: [Legend Android] <Unlocked by beating Season 1 Story> A patriotic American test pilot and career military woman who became fused to alien technology. She is the big gun that the government sends in to clean up messes, including the blob, Biomass Delta. Her play style is about building and releasing power, a generic version is the sub-boss of Season 1.
  • HIDDEN CHARACTERS (so, stretch goals for getting into the first game)
    • Aphrodite: [Secret Agent] <Unlocked if beat her when she appears in Survival Mode> A veteran secret agent highly ranked in the Agency skilled in fighting and survival. While the Agency would like her to retire from field work, some jobs like the succubus, Melantha, are too important to leave to anyone else. Her play style is similar to Melantha’s, but with grapples for close range and fewer area options.
    • Blades: [Tech Skater] <Unlocked if find and beat him as a bonus fight in Story Mode> A junior agent recruited for his technological genius to develop hardware for the Agency. He is committed to using his gadgets to prove he is capable of being a field agent, even against enemies as formidable as the dirtbag, Butch. His play style is tool box specials like Hazuki, based on technology instead of magic.
    • Johnny Treeman: [Heroic Berserker] <Unlocked by beating Story Mode with Butch or Wenona?> A pulp worthy hero who channels the totemic power of the bear in defense of all that is good and true. The Agency recruited him after he put away the dirtbag, Butch, and now provide him leads on and transportation to those in need of a hero. A stronger but slower take on Wenona’s play style since he channels the bear instead of the wolf.
    • Mifuyu Shizuka: [Scarred Medium] <Unlocked by using each Core Character in Multiplayer> A Japanese woman who scarred her own face while possessed and now can’t control what spirits or powers enter her. She wanders the world on a one-woman rampage against the supernatural. Her play style is randomly copied from the other fighters.