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March Madness 1

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Mar 06 2012

Belial: March 6

Selena awoke laid out on luxurious cushions, dressed in fine if revealing silks and gossamer. The gilded chamber was sweltering, even the hue of the light fiery. Yet the heat in Selena’s body was even greater than that in the room, and growing in intensity now that she was awake. Putting a hand to her head she tried to remember where she was or what happened, but the floral spice of incense clouded her mind.

“Welcome home,” a massive red-scaled man entered the chamber with a sharp-toothed smile. “You’ll learn to love it here.”

“What have you done to me?” Selena recoiled in horror even as she felt the tug of lust for the infernally perfect male. “Who are you?”

She had been in her dressing room when she first smelled the incense. There had a strong arm around her body and a cloth pressed to her nose and mouth by a powerful hand, and then she was here.

“I am Belial, and from this day forth you are mine,” the demon bent intoxicatingly close to fasten a gorgeous golden collar around Selena’s throat.

Curling into a ball Selena tried desperately to block out myriad alien desires.



You can check out the prompts and links to other participants over at ‘Timony’s site. Also a reminder that generally this month my entries for ‘Timony’s March Madness will be instead of the normal Monday update.

March Madness and the End of Lost Girls

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Mar 02 2012

Okay, page 18N of Lost Girls’ Society is now up and accessible via the Lost Girls’ Society main story page above or to the right, or from the Pages navigation to the right. I’m behind on the writing, don’t have the buffer I’d like, and it will be some time before all the art has filled in–but the story will be concluding soon for those of you who are here for it.

I know everyone’s busy and maybe not having time to weigh in on the polls (top right of every page), but I really do appreciate poll votes and comments as a form of engagement with the site. If you actually have an opinion that’s great, but even if you don’t there’s nothing wrong with ‘best guess’.

I’ve got a lot more I need to get done, so short post today. Looking ahead to this month we’ve got another ‘Timony Challenge, March Madness with Princes of Hell. If you write and want me to say good things about your writing at the end of the Challenge you should sign up. The Challenge will be bumping the Monday posts for this month to Tuesday–because I don’t have time to do both. Lost Girls’ Society will stick to its regular update schedule, so just the front page is affected.



Then it seems like there is some chance that I will be allowed into a “Big Eyes Small Mouth” role-playing group some time this year which will be nice to get back into role-playing. So here’s a sketch of my character if that comes together, Melody Fayth–the Songstress.

Nadine Foster

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Feb 29 2012

Nadine – Eden

Her boots found their way reflexively on top of the crumbling pieces of the wall as the tower collapsed toward Nadine. Nimbly keeping on top of the falling rubble, Nadine scaled up for a quick shot at the nightmare daemon’s eyes before back-flipping onto a nearby roof—while it was still nearby.

“Nothing hurts this thing!” Phillipa yelled from the street as she blasted the daemon with enough lightning to light the city block.

JC launched a rocket into the daemon’s maw, also from the street. Nadine peppered its face with arrows of alchemical acid, getting as many in the eyes as she could.

“I agree with Phillipa!” JC shouted up to Nadine, “We don’t stand a chance against this thing! Let’s get out of here while we can!”

Nadine nocked an explosive arrow, “No! We can still save the city!”

The daemon roared as it unleashed a blast of blue-flames from its mouth. JC and Phillipa dove for cover in the alleys and Nadine sunk her exploding arrow in the daemon’s ear-hole. Hopefully that at least got its attention!

“We promised your dad we’d look out for ourselves first! That we wouldn’t take unnecessary risks!” JC drew his high-frequency sword, apparently out of heavier artillery already.

Nadine glanced out at the burning remains of downtown. Screams of pain, anguish and terror still suffused the death laden air. She fired five simultaneous arrows by the daemon’s face as it lunged for Phillipa’s alley, buying the younger girl enough time to vacate.

“We have to at least buy more time for some sort of evacuation!” Nadine was impressed by the command in her own voice, given the tears she could feel on her cheeks.

Phillipa nodded and squared off with the daemon, “Eat this, Scaly!”

Balling her lightning this time, Phillipa launched it right at the daemon’s heart. Then Nadine saw JC running toward Phillipa and time seemed to slow down. Phillipa had left herself open to deliver the attack that washed as harmlessly off the daemon as the rest of their efforts to this point.

Grabbing a fistful of arrows Nadine drew them all back at once. The daemon opened its mouth. JC and Phillipa wouldn’t get to cover in time. Blue flames destroyed Nadine’s arrows before finding her friends.

“NO!” Nadine watched the flames scour the streets a second too long.

The daemon’s tail smashed through the building Nadine was standing on. Her foot caught in the falling rubble—taking her down with it.








Dear Valentine Wrap-Up

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Feb 27 2012

And now my end-of-challenge wrap up for Timony Souler’s Dear Valentine Blog Challenge.

Timony Souler The host of my first blog challenge, and monthly installments ever since—and of course progenitor of the Dear Valentine Challenge as well. This time around she gives us some enticing shifts in view-point in a brilliant four-part narrative. My favorite was definitely Week 3, “A Fairground Surprise”, because of the awesome backless white tuxedo—which I still wish I’d thought of.

Julie Fisher Haven’t read much of Julie’s work, but what I have read I’ve enjoyed. This time around she brings episodes I find particularly poignant for their realism—even at their darkest they feel like honest looks at the human experience (if that isn’t too academic a descriptor for good writing). My favorite was her Week 1 entry, “Office Gossip”, for its unflinching look at human meanness.

Jeffrey Hollar I’ve become very acquainted with Jeffrey’s fabulous work over several blog challenges, and the depths of darkness he explores often make me uncomfortable—no less so for the brilliance with which he spins his tales. This time he delivers brilliant and increasingly calculated stories of revenge, my favorite of which is Week 2’s “Last Entanglement in Paris” becomes of the exceptionally cool Giacomo.

Margaret “Charity Girl” Another writer I’ve known for a little while now whose attention to detail and simultaneous breadth and depth of knowledge brings richer context to her short fiction than many authors achieve in full novels. Her delve into fantasy for this challenge is a whole-hearted and compelling one, a single overall narrative called “La Belle sans ame”. This one really left me breathless, and my favorite is part 4 because it ties the whole package together.

Lisa McCourt Hollar I’ve had some exposure to some of Lisa’s writing from various weekly blog challenges, but this is my first time writing about her for a larger challenge summary. Her collection of work is very aptly described as nightmares, horrific, haunting and hard to shake. Week Two, “Dying Inside”, is my favorite of her stories because that’s the one that haunts me the most.

Rebecca Clare Smith Absolutely brilliant author of urban fantasy who I became acquainted with in my first ‘Timony blog challenge. Her supernatural entries for this challenge were rich and captivating like the rest of Rebecca’s writing. My favorite is actually her final entry, “Engraving Hearts”, which I find the most poignant of the four and personally find the potential for redemption in.

Lena Corazon Is an excellent writer with a lot on her plate at any given time as long as I’ve known her. Her characters and their relationships are enthrallingly presented, though this time around she seems to have only teased us with the first of 4 entries in what is set up to be a 4 part story. Guess I wasn’t the only one behind on this contest.

Rob New to me this challenge, I was already hooked from his professed interest in gaming and anime and studies in media and filming—all very excellent interests. He delivers a range of short character based fiction for the Dear Valentine challenge in a range of worlds and circumstances. Definitely my favorite was his week 3, “Dream Logic”, because besides being an awesome setting that reminded me of my own Lost Girls’ Society in some ways, he’s got an incredible character who I find to be both professional and captivating.

Dear Valentine 4

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Feb 25 2012

Dear Valentine 4

“I thought you said you killed him in Paris!” Tomoko glared at Anastasia from the back of Hoshino-sensei’s cramped hybrid.

“I did,” Anastasia’s voice was flat, but Tomoko’s words cut deep. “He clawed his way out of the abyss to resume his quest for immortality. Obviously his soul would not return there easily.”

Hoshino-sensei turned her disheveled countenance to Anastasia, “The ritual will give you a direct shot at Radolf, but only one.”

“I’m going too!” Tomoko sat forward.

“You’d only get in my way.”

“I don’t care! I will help Daisuke!”

“We’re here,” Hoshino-sensei’s words brought heavy silence.

Anastasia stepped out of the car into the forested countryside, producing her scythe. Hoshino-sensei began the ritual as Anastasia and Tomoko walked toward the woods.

“Not willing to let this one go, eh Anna?” Daisuke stepped out of the shadows with a reckless smile and smoldering eyes. “It hurt how easily you cut me down, after everything we’ve been through together. It hurt more when you couldn’t do the same to this boy.”

Tomoko’s heart was racing, but she was holding up better than expected. Anastasia set her jaw as she stared down Radolf in Daisuke’s body. She could feel the ritual completing around them.

“Don’t think, don’t feel, just do,” Anastasia spoke levelly to Tomoko, “We are tools, I excise the infection, you stanch the wound.”

Instantly they were inside the possessed Daisuke’s mind. Just like before, one shot was all Anastasia needed. It was actually comforting to know Tomoko was there to help Daisuke, leaving just Radolf for her.

Rage and pain contorted Radolf’s face as he reached up trembling to grab Anastasia’s throat.

“Why, Anna? I love you!”

“I love you too,” Anastasia cried as she felt his grip on her throat weaken, “But I can’t forgive you.”



My last entry for the Dear Valentine blog challenge. I am extremely behind on reading the others’ entries in the challenge however, so I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to come back Monday for my usual post-challenge wrap-up.

Horera Blackwell

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Feb 23 2012

Horera – Terra

“Is that all you’ve got?!” Bad Man rise crater, armor cracked but no lots bleeding. “Come on! Hit me!”

“Gladly,” Edmund lunge shield first, rapier back to strike.

Daddy’s shot stagger Bad Man, Edmund stab holy power. Extra lots fairies all attacking magic and weapons. Once-Bad Priest make big holy light burn Still-Bad Man. Been fighting lots long time, Bad Man still strong. Horera still tired fight Dark Fairy.

“Are you alright, Horera?” Pretty Fairy put hand Horera shoulder.

“Browf,” Horera sigh but nod.

White Wisp, Diamond flank support Horera. Baxall fairy dog front. Baxall Horera’s Fey Ally like other fairies ally Edmund. Stronger in pack. Pretty Fairy give Horera energy back. Bad Man roar, knock Edmund down. Pack charge! Horera leave Guisarme-san guard Pretty Fairy.

Horera catch Bad Man’s fists. Hold off Edmund, growl at Bad Man. Bad Man shift weight, try crush Horera—White Wisp, Diamond try pull Bad Man’s legs but Bad Man stand strong. Baxall biting head but ignored.

“Are you too weak to fight me by yourself?”

Horera growl, “No need fight alone! Horera has friends!”

Horera step closer, break Bad Man balance and throw! Daddy, Once-Bad Priest and lots fairies all attack Bad Man. Edmund get up, Pretty Fairy heal. Horera cock head with thought.

Bad Man has no friends? That sad.




A little news

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Feb 20 2012

So, Lost Girls’ Society is updating with story posts on Mondays and Fridays, with front-page flash fiction on Wednesdays that fills in the details of their respective worlds without being necessary to the larger story. All can be reached from the Lost Girls’ Society main page linked above or to the right, while the individual posts can also be accessed via the Page navigation to the right.

Right now I’m still struggling to keep up with the various other blog challenges and writing contests on the internet and my own personal schedule. Eventually I’d like for this process to be helped by my fancy new computer, but for now the learning curve means the new computer isn’t an improvement in terms of efficiency than the disaster-ridden older computer it’s replacing.

We’re coming up on the end of Lost Girls’ Society, and I’m definitely thinking when that’s done I’ll step away from creating content for the site for a little while. This site has been online for over a year now, and in that time we’ve made it through the fantasy serial Niar Saga and are about to finish the second serial, Lost Girls’ Society. There will definitely be more original (and free) work to come on the site, and I’ll probably get some polls going in the top right to see what people would be interested in me working on next once I’ve had a little breather.

On the topic of the polls, even I missed voting in the last one (I don’t normally vote in my own polls, but for Lost Girls Society versus Niar Saga I actually have a position and try to slip it in when it won’t be obvious it’s me)! The solitary vote for Horera was kind of sad. Would more people vote if I re-opened that poll, or was it just a bad question?
Past polls can be found under Archives in the links at the top of the page.

Dear Valentine 3

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Feb 18 2012

Dear Valentine 3

“Well?” he turned slowly in place, arms spread, reckless smile and mop of fiery hair mocking the sharply pressed lines of his white tuxedo. “I wanted to look nice. Too much?”

Anastasia’s throat was dry but her eyes were watering. It couldn’t be! It couldn’t be him!


“Anna, it’s been far too long,” Radolf beamed, striding toward her.

Anastasia’s eyes shot to either side, appraising their surroundings much too late. There were too many people here. People, cameras, cover. She didn’t have any control here. She shouldn’t have come. The buzz of the tourists pressed her. A sweet fragrance from the ruby rose on Radolf’s lapel reminded Anastasia of the chocolate she’d consumed on the flight to Paris.

Her knees buckled but Anastasia willed herself to stay standing. Radolf was still taller than her, broad shouldered, and with a smolder in his eyes that after all these years she still ached to see as unrestrained flame. Clothing aside, he hadn’t changed at all in five hundred years.

Crooking a finger under Anastasia’s chin, Radolf turned her eyes up to meet his.

“Anna, what’s the matter?”

Begging and berating herself to keep it together, Anastasia managed a quick level response, “Too many people.”

“Ah, we can fix that,” Radolf’s eyes flickered.

Twenty minutes later the two of them entered an abandoned Paris fair ground. Anastasia had mastered her breathing, steeled herself.

“What do you want, Radolf?”

“To finish what we started. I’m sorry you had to wait so long.”

Anastasia shook her head, finger on her own trigger.

“No! No more! I helped you sacrifice my parents!”

“I know!” Radolf stepped toward her, halting as Anastasia tensed. “Anna, I know how hard that must have been. But the worst is behind us now; don’t waste it! We’re so close!”




Only one more post to go in ‘Timony Souler’s Dear Valentine Challenge. Feel free to catch up on the challenge and other challengers by following the preceding link to ‘Timony’s website, or catch up on my entries specifically by clicking on the “Dear Valentine” tag at the bottom of this post.

I haven’t read the other entries in the Challenge yet this time, so I’ve got a lot of catch up to go this weekend.


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Feb 15 2012

Audrey – Fantasia

Audrey sighed as she watched Andromalus disappear back into a hole Zedarra’s thunder bear had torn in the wall. This was the third dual-sealed door with both mechanical and magical locks they’d hit since entering Elise’s tower, and Audrey was starting to feel she’d seriously underestimated how close she was to finally defeating the sorceress, restoring Andromalus and Elaria to their true forms and returning home.

Once Audrey dispelled the magical protections on the door either Andromalus or Elaria could disable the mechanical side by going after the pressure tubes inside the walls. Elaria knew more about it than Andromalus did, but was also fairly claustrophobic. So this door and the one last one both fell to Andromalus, who in his own words “can do anything the hawk can do.”

Tangy metallic steam vented from the door’s exhaust panels and the way opened. Yezen went though first alongside Jordan, with Elaria circling overhead and Zedarra following with her bear spirit. Audrey was rejoined by Andromalus in the protected center position.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say it looked like Elise was gearing up for a war,” Yezen whistled as they saw row after row of thirteen foot tall iron golems light up in their creation tubes.

She is. Andromalus flicked his tail. Other arcane spell casters are still a threat to her at this stage, which is why she went to the trouble of securing Magica Valley first. Soon she’ll be able to open gates to the rest of Fantasia and unleash her army on the whole world at once. If we don’t stop her here, it will be too late.

Audrey sighed as she looked up at Elaria flying overhead. Somehow, Audrey got the sense that Elaria didn’t want to fight Elise—even though Elise is the one who turned her into a hawk. This whole mess started when Andromalus summoned Audrey to become a wizard and defeat the evil sorceress, Elise, and restore him to his true form. She’d found many allies willing to join in that effort, but none who felt so strongly as Andromalus did.

Having only had one serious conversation with Elise herself Audrey wasn’t sure she had her own opinion anymore. Elise had been absolutely terrifying to face in battle. But when it was just the two of them, Elise tried so hard to put Audrey at ease and said she wanted to help Audrey get home. Elise had been so kind to her then.

Still, Audrey couldn’t think of any good use for all these golems. They’d fought two since entering the tower—and those two golems together had been every bit as dangerous as the dragon who had guarded the entrance to Magica. If Elise had hundreds such golems, it almost had to be for war.







Happy Valentines!

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Feb 13 2012

Well, Lost Girls’ Society updated on time this morning and should continue to do so (Monday/Friday with related but non-essential flashes on Wednesday) on into the action packed conclusion. This week marks the introduction of the winners of last year’s Fairies of Terra challenge to find fairies to populate the world of Terra, with the top three appearing in Lost Girls’ Society.

'Timony's rendition of her fairy, Freya. For some reason couldn't bring the green out in the eyes as intended.

I promised to correct the eyes on ‘Timony Souler’s much welcomed illustration of her second-place fairy, Freya, but in practice was unable to do so. The eyes are meant to be green, but all my attempts at bringing that out more were hideous. I know I’m not very good with art, but underestimated the difficulty of a little color correction.

Either way it’s an awesome image, and it isn’t too hard to imagine what it should look like with green eyes (I personally imagine the difference would be subtle, like maybe they’re already green and just look too blue next to the wings).


Then in other news… It’s pretty much Valentines Day now (or maybe it is by the time you’re reading this) so this is unfortunately not the year you get Lost Girls’ Society Valentines Cards. I still intend to do a full set at some point, but have missed the deadline this year. Art is not a strong suit for me, and other things kept taking priority this month. I did get one image done however, and if you want to print it out and use it for a Valentines Card that would be awesome–or e-mail it to that special someone or even just link to it.


So here it is, and happy Valentines’ Day from all of us here at



(Note: the image should be the right size to fit about three on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet if you do want to print multiples)