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Time Slip

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Dec 08 2012

Whoa! How’d it get so late? I guess, technically, I missed my Friday update.

Still not much more to report of course, so here’s the short version for anyone interested.

My volunteer work is now back in full swing, I’ve been paired with a student for the Communities in Schools mentor program and have been reading to pre-schoolers through the Head Start and ECEAP. So those are good things to be doing, sometimes I don’t feel like I have the energy but it’s always great to see how excited those kids get to have someone listening to them and paying attention to them on a much closer to one-on-one ratio (though the reading groups have gotten a little large at times).

I have yet to resume writing the novel that I failed to complete for National Novel Writing Month–I really have no idea how time seems to be slipping away from me in such prodigious quantities, though I’m sure playing games on my iPhone is partially to blame.

Which of course brings us to the final point… I need some game time to maintain my sanity, though I’ll admit maybe not as much as I have been indulging in since the holiday season rolled around. Some of you may be aware of my Arel Wars strategy guide I wrote and posted to this site. That game badly needed a strategy guide, and I still find it a little sad I ended up being the one to write it–I’m sure other people are much better at strategy than I am.

Well, I’ve downloaded Arel Wars 2, and it doesn’t look like it has a good strategy guide available either–last I checked. So I’ve been putting off starting playing it, with the intention to actually take notes on my first play through this time and thus get the strategy guide done in half the time–theoretically. There’s a good chance that process will begin this month, and with the present goal of being done by February (though the timeline is subject to change once I actually play the game and see what I’m dealing with).

And, that’s about it for now. Have a good weekend!

Novel Fails and Holidays

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Nov 30 2012

So this is mostly a quick check in to affirm that it is my intention to resume thrice weekly postings (Monday, Wednesday and Friday–which may admittedly mean you should check on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). A little recap of November, I tried and failed miserably at National Novel Writing Month. Not really a huge shock, I strongly suspected going in that the NaNo approach to writing was incompatible with my own.

For National Novel Writing Month the goal is 50,000 words in 30 days, not because any body I know or could even possibly relate to would be able to construct a publishable manuscript under those circumstances–but because it gets the story written. However rough and likely even nauseating at parts the product is, it is still a product. The theory from there, as I understand it, is that further time spent refining the product and getting it up to publishable quality is easier both to do and to find motivation for. So NaNo’s big push is just to get that initial word splurge out there, the task of shaping it would come later.

That approach just doesn’t work for me, I like to shape, polish and refine as I go. I like to work in several short strokes, writing and refining according to whether the stroke is presently passing over text or blank page. I get into a rhythm and the more the story and characters make sense to me the deeper into I get, and consequently the deeper I can take my audience. Rushing headlong into larger word counts I find it too easy to make missteps, possibly injuring my self or my work in the process (not generally in a literal sense of course) and sacrificing a lot of efficiency and direction in the process. Writing without stopping to edit for me is like drawing without picking up the pencil. Some parts have to be done that way to be done well, but many benefit from stopping to look at your work and maybe even correcting it before moving on.

For me if I bog down in a story the easiest way to regain momentum is to go back and edit. The process of editing re-immerses me in the story and I can carry that momentum forward into new words. It takes a while, but with everything but novels the work does eventually get done.

Who knows what the holidays are going to look like or bring, somehow I found even Thanksgiving to consume far more time and energy than anticipated–and I don’t even remember where those expenditures went. One way or another my goal is to actually finish this novel though, but at a pace that works for me and allows me to take pride in my work. With NaNo officially lost though, I do think I will go back and finish the short-story I began in the same setting first and maybe pursue some early publishing with that while I grind away at the main novel.

That’s the forecast (and reflection) for this Friday. Thanks for all the recent poll votes by the way! It’s great to get some interaction from the internet.

National Novel Writing Month!

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Nov 02 2012

Okay, so National Novel Writing month is officially here AND I’m officially participating this year. Missed my word target for the first day, and am on track to miss again this second day–putting me further in the hole–but I see the weekend through Tuesday as my real opportunities to make up for scheduling conflicts Wednesday through Friday. With any luck that’ll be enough to get me through to the 50,000 words by the end of the month.

So no treats for you this week with me so far behind already–but my plan is by next Friday, maybe earlier, to have an excerpt from the novel to share with anyone who’s interested. Potentially following up with other excerpts as the month goes on. If I could get some discussion regarding what sort of excerpts you’d like to see from my work in progress, that’d be great information for me–right now I’m thinking character introductions for windows into the core cast.

Then, if anyone feels like helping develop the world of Niar, I’m realizing that having me come up with every single town and city in the world is unlikely to be ideal. So I’d like to open up the possibility for anyone who feels like flexing some creativity and then donating the effort to come up with town and city names for the World of Niar, so that when I’m referencing locations it doesn’t sound like the same individual came up with all of them–even if the story never goes to locations I didn’t come up with, having them in the world will still enhance it. Plus in the event that this novel, or Niar Saga from this site really take off it might be kind of cool to have your location on the official world map. Maybe? I’d like that sort of thing.

On the topic of reader interaction though, thank you everyone who has voted in the current poll! With all the spambots assailing the site and looking for a way in (there is NONE, they all have to go through ME) it’s hard to feel like the page-view counter is representing real traffic, but as of this posting I know there are four people who have looked at my site and cared enough to interact with me. That means a lot.

So thank you.

Super Flash Fiction

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Jul 06 2012

Things have been rather messy on this end, and getting back on top of things after a vacation is more work than I’d remembered. So here we have an Other Web Wednesday post, going up on a Friday–but perhaps this is appropriate since it is also a bit of a forecast.

Today I want to feature John B. Badd’s Super Flash Fiction project which will produce its first issue in October–leaving those of us with a creative bent a little time left to get in on the ground floor of what I think is a very cool idea. These days I think most of us know about Super Heroes and Comic Books, and even if you don’t follow them you’d probably be able to identify some of their tropes, peculiarities and ways of being.

The aim of Super Flash Fiction is to collect 500 word or less stories and artwork that embrace these genre traits to construct compelling narratives. It’s going to be a free e-magazine, which unless we help them out on Kickstarter will mean no pay for the contributors. Pay or no pay I think this is a great thing to get behind, and I for one will be pushing to get my work into as many issues as possible. But then I’ve always been a fan of the heroic, fantastic or just otherwise awesome.

So follow the links to Super Flash Fiction and its Kickstarter page, and contribute what you can to this awesome endeavor. Next week I hope to be back with a full regular 3 posts, as I should now be back on top of my own work. For now I leave you with the words of John B. Badd himself.


Super Flash Fiction is a concept that was brought into existence in February of 2012. I had been writing flash fiction stories to sharpen my writing skills and began playing with superhero stories out of love of the genre. I thought, “This is really fun, I bet other writers would enjoy writing superhero flash fiction as well,” and the concept took hold. After toying with the idea, throwing it around my social networks and receiving positive feedback, I decided to turn it into a free e-magazine.


I did not want to seem like I was limiting the magazine to superhero only stories so I called it comic-genre flash fiction. I posted the idea on LinkedIn on some of the comic book pages and began getting criticism from artist because I was calling it comic-book genre flash fiction and there was no art. So I immediately decided there has to be action art involved and then I started calling it superhero-genre flash fiction to avoid confusion.


Despite calling the flash fiction “superhero genre” our magazines requirements are way more open than this label implies. All we are looking for is flash fiction about extraordinary characters in a modern day earth environment. This can involve normal humans doing feats that push their limits or it can involve science fiction and/or fantasy filled stories. The only limit is the imagination of the creators.


We want our art to have action. This means we do not want pictures of costumed men flexing for the camera or women in their underwear and a cape in provocative positions. We want people doing what makes them special. Anyone can be a poser, only a hero can save a life, deflect an explosion or smash the bad guys. So when we say we want action art we really mean we don’t want pics of posers.


Super Flash Fiction is going to be a quarterly E-magazine and each issue will feature stories and art. We also plan on including interviews with writers and artist, features, special interest articles and contest.


Right now we are not paying for the stories or art that is contributed to our book. Nor are we making any money off of them. It is our goal to eventually pay for the submissions that we print but this will only be possible if we receive a boost from crowd funding or if we gain a large enough readership that we can sell advertising in our pages. When you read our Super Flash Fiction we want the impact to be immediate in a quality whiskey sort of way. Think of it as doing shots of fantasy. You can take it in one fiery swig, or you can put it on ice, sip it and enjoy the flavors.


Super Flash Fiction is the first publication of my multi-media company known as Badd Words LLC. I do not know what our next project will be but we have several short and long term goals that include publishing novels, comic books, other magazines and eventually producing some movies and games. We are new to the industry so I am under stating our progress when I say we are taking baby steps.


“Always in motion the future is.” – Master Yoda


Thank you for reading,


John B Badd – editor

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Like us on Facebook at!/SuperFlashFiction

Immediate Friday

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Jun 01 2012

Let’s see, I think most of my forecasts this Friday are for the immediate future–way too much going on for me to be looking too far ahead just now. Things should settle down by July though, and then work will start in earnest on my fantasy novel come August… Perhaps I should poll you guys for a title.

The thing most immediate on my radar is the completion of my Arel Wars Strategy Guide, the fantasy tower defense game for smartphones that needed a strategy guide so badly I took it upon myself to write one. There are three factions identified by their Hero–Vincent, Helba and Juno respectively. I’ve already completed and posted the guides for Juno and Helba, who not coincidentally I feel most needed strategy guides, but I should have Vincent’s guide finished and posted some time tomorrow. I may go back and add hand-drawn artwork to make the guides more visually interesting, but for practical purposes they’ll be done.

Then you can just scroll down to the previous post to learn a bit about ‘Timony Souler and her Blog Challenges, the next Dice Games starting on this coming Monday–which I highly encourage you to sign up if you’re at all of a writerly persuasion, or just make note of who is signed up if reading’s more your thing.

Monday will in fact be a double-post day as I simply MUST make a My Phone Monday entry on the 4th for an iPhone game that has made me seriously consider taking back every bad thing I ever said about Arel Wars and its creator, Gamevil. This thing is so terrible I’m not sure I’m going to keep it on my phone, so I have to get the “My Phone Monday” entry in while it is still on “my phone”.

I will then vanish on June 12, and will be without web-presence until roughly June 25.

Changed World

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May 18 2012

Just a quick Forecast this Friday, but I’ll throw in free that there will be no Forecast next Friday, because I’ll be out of town.

The journeys of the heroes chronicled in Niar Saga marked the end of what quickly came to be known as The Age of Cataclysm, a period of 100 years in which much was lost, from obscure knowledge to entire peoples and kingdoms. The most widely felt loss was that of the Holy Kingdom of Kakarus, and its prestigious orders of Demon Hunters.

Even as the worst seemed passed, and The Age of Cataclysm at an end, further loss was in store for the world. The twin powers of Magic and Miracle, the rare but powerful forces which have shaped Niar throughout history are now fading from the world. Less than a generation has passed since the end of The Age of Cataclysm, but already people are once more looking fearfully to the shadows–wondering if some new evil were to rise whether there would be any way to turn it back with the old powers weakened as they are.

The King of Landis, Cortez, believes he has found a viable solution in an esoteric blade art known as Sword Dancing. Though Sword Dancers come almost exclusively from the bloodlines of a few distinguished families, in a world of waning Miracles and Magic the at times seemingly supernatural blade-technique may be Niar’s best light against the darkness.

Forecasting Fantasy

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May 04 2012

Well, unless there’s a massive surge of last minute votes for Kerri it looks like Leona’s story will be the next. With that settled I will, in time, be able to start giving you some real sneak-peaks here on Forecast Fridays. More immediately than writing Leona’s story though, I’m definitely taking a shot at this Fantasy Writing Contest. They aim to be THE definitive annual fantasy anthology of new and established authors–and falling under the ‘new’ or at least ‘unpublished’ author heading myself that sounds like a good fit.

Anticipating Leona’s win in the poll though, I will give you a peek at her party. After all, what is a fantasy adventure without a party? I do sorta follow the role-playing game formula a bit, but there are reasons for that beyond the fact that it’s a good structure and I like RPGs.

Leona Banisher = daughter of the Last Demon Hunter, and following in her father’s footsteps. She wields his massive Fullblade in battle and exhibits exceptional power from years spent mastering the blade. To date her interactions with other people have been limited to what was necessary and no more.

Lysander Devonwilde = a traveling bard, lover of stories and jack-of-all-trades. He comes from a prestigious family of Sword Dancers whose technique transcends the physical to achieve effects equivalent to magic.

Catherine “Kitty” Moon = street urchin turned cat-burglar, she considers herself the best in the city–though has been kicked out of larger cities with more established Thieves Guilds. Her experience is that everyone looks out for themselves, and only a fool gives when they have the ability to take.

Zelis Aasiarn = in spite of her relative youth, Zelis is the Chief Druid and religious authority for her besieged people, isolated by the cataclysm of the last century and slowly dying. She is rumored to have powers beyond those of all but, perhaps, the High Priest of the Stellan Temple himself.

Hazy Future

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Apr 27 2012

So… We have a novel as my next major project, still waiting on the poll results before I’ll be able to give you any windows into the progress of the work.

I’ve got a lot of reading to do and a lot of other general catch-up to do on my web-presence which is part of why I’m taking until August before starting serious work on the next project. I still haven’t made any significant progress on that other stuff I need to do, but I’m guessing some you you can relate to things just piling up.

A few forecasts not directly related to the novel and without exact timelines associated with them other than “soon”;

I will be updating the site starting with the Links page and then moving to the Galleries–getting my Links up to date and adding new ones, as well as adding new images to the Galleries and likely my Deviant Art page too.

There’s also a more than even chance I’ll be adding a page for the BESM campaign chronicled by Melody’s Diary entries, since some interest in that was expressed by the rest of the group. So collect Melody’s Diary entries there for one thing, but also contributions by the others and who knows what else.

Novel Forecast

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Apr 20 2012

Okay, so the poll came out tied between Scripts to the site or a Novel–so I’m making an executive tie-break in favor of the novel. The next question is what should the novel be about–I’ve got two ideas I think are about ready to be developed and so today I give you some info on them and a new poll for which you would most like to see (or think has the best market potential). It’s funny, I think they both would end up being classified as “Young Adult” Novels–which is funny because I’ve got some personal beef with that term that I won’t go into now but will surely come up again another of these Forecast Friday.

You can use the search bar at the top of the right hand column to find more information about the first Novel concept; Kerri’s Creatures. She’s received some flash-fiction attention over the last year but isn’t satisfied with that and is demanding a larger work dedicated to her and her struggles.

Kerri Wynter

Age: 13
Race: Human
Class: Sorceress

Kerri is a sorceress in training who was left to fend for herself after the untimely disappearance of her mother. Of course, before she vanished Kerri’s mother left her daughter with a considerable inheritance that includes a creepy old mansion and a menagerie of monsters no sane person would be jealous of.

Torn between desires for a normal teenage life and to be the most powerful sorceress the world has ever known, Kerri’s life is a balancing act made more complicated by her unconventional inheritance. Her best friends end up being similarly distanced from society as herself, but together they help each other toward their goals.

Appropriately to Kerri’s desires, the story is an Urban Fantasy with a balance between the magical and the mundane–though set in an alternate world and erring pretty strongly toward magical.


The other Novel possibility I’m considering would actually expand on the events of the next generation in the world of Niar–with of course appearances from some of the cast of this site’s original serial, Niar Saga. Though the story really is about the next generation and will stand alone just fine.

Leona Banisher

Age: 16
Race: Human
Class: Demon Hunter

Leona Banisher is the daughter of the legendary Andrew Banisher, the Last Demon Hunter. Trained from birth to take over her father’s legacy, she goes into battle wielding his sacred implements–the fullblade Banisher from which the family takes its name, and the amulet Oracle. Her demeanor is serious and her dedication to Demon Hunting is single-minded like her father–but unlike him it was never a path she chose for herself.

No sooner had Leona’s training been completed than she was sent to travel the world, eradicating the evil that had risen since her father’s death. She works alone and frequently surprises those she meets with her ability to wield her massive sword, and unflinching battle-readiness. Her world is turned on end after meeting the teenage bard, Lysander Devonwilde, as she begins to discover the joy of friendship and risks opening her heart to another person for the first time.

Leona’s story is a classic Fantasy Adventure set in the world of Niar, and spanning much of the world (though not always the same locations as Niar Saga).


So, which story are YOU interested in? Feel free to ask clarifying questions in order to figure it out, and of course if you know someone who might read either story once its finished tell them to swing by too.

First Forecast

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Apr 13 2012

Okay, so it’s Forecast Friday! Also, it’s Friday April 13! So happy Friday the Thirteenth.

The poll as to what my next major project should be is still up, so I can’t tell you what the progress is on it yet because we still don’t know what it is. Please vote and get others to come by and vote to ensure I undertake the project of greatest interest to you though. You can find details concerning the projects by following THIS link.

A shorter term forecast though, there will be new art by me on the Lost Girls’ Society main page sometime tonight!

Also I’m writing a strategy guide for Arel Wars for the iPhone because there is serious need for one. Ugh, don’t get me started on that game–I’ll cover it on a “My Phone Monday”, possibly this upcoming one.