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Pathfinder Online

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Nov 28 2012

This isn’t going to be my biggest “Other Web Wednesday” post, because I figure most of you already know what Kickstarter is and even for those who don’t it doesn’t take a lot of explanation. It’s a website where developers, creators and visionaries can request crowd funding for their projects, and the public, consumers and patrons can invest in things they value with limited risk and higher odds on reward.

But I’m not here to talk about Kickstarter. Instead I’m here to promote a specific project on it I value. Pathfinder Online.

For a little context, I like fantasy and role-playing and games–three separate things that go remarkably well together and have been highly successfully combined over the years in such forms as Dungeons & Dragons and an entire genre of video-games.

Now the presently small but incredibly awesome company Goblinworks is bringing their own special magic to that sweet combination. Pathfinder is another paper and pencil role-playing system similar to Dungeons & Dragons–in fact, when Dungeons & Dragons lost its way and a lot of fans (myself included) Paizo and Pathfinder picked up the pieces with their own glorious role-playing system.
In close cooperation with the people at Paizo, and exceptional deference to the fans of Pathfinder, Goblinworks has set out to bring the glory of Pathfinder to a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

It doesn’t take long over on the Goblinworks blog to figure out their goal for Pathfinder Online is colossally ambitious–but with a successful Technology Demo under their belt the game has been green lit and will happen. Their Kickstarter drive is just to make it happen sooner and better–and of course get more fans/players involved in the game’s initial development.

More so than any other game I have personal experience with–and reminiscent of a sort of high fantasy Second Life if I understood what that game was correctly–Pathfinder Online seems set to be fundamentally defined by the players at every turn (which honestly I think is giving the lay public too much influence, but I was willing to put my money on being wrong about that).

I think it has a lot of potential, and if Goblinworks can meet the lofty objectives they have set for themselves–and their track record is already good–then this is definitely something any fantasy gamer should consider getting in on the ground floor of.

So get over to Pathfinder Online’s Kickstarter page and see how much you’d be willing to donate toward what could be the next big thing in fantasy gaming.

Super Flash Fiction

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Jul 06 2012

Things have been rather messy on this end, and getting back on top of things after a vacation is more work than I’d remembered. So here we have an Other Web Wednesday post, going up on a Friday–but perhaps this is appropriate since it is also a bit of a forecast.

Today I want to feature John B. Badd’s Super Flash Fiction project which will produce its first issue in October–leaving those of us with a creative bent a little time left to get in on the ground floor of what I think is a very cool idea. These days I think most of us know about Super Heroes and Comic Books, and even if you don’t follow them you’d probably be able to identify some of their tropes, peculiarities and ways of being.

The aim of Super Flash Fiction is to collect 500 word or less stories and artwork that embrace these genre traits to construct compelling narratives. It’s going to be a free e-magazine, which unless we help them out on Kickstarter will mean no pay for the contributors. Pay or no pay I think this is a great thing to get behind, and I for one will be pushing to get my work into as many issues as possible. But then I’ve always been a fan of the heroic, fantastic or just otherwise awesome.

So follow the links to Super Flash Fiction and its Kickstarter page, and contribute what you can to this awesome endeavor. Next week I hope to be back with a full regular 3 posts, as I should now be back on top of my own work. For now I leave you with the words of John B. Badd himself.


Super Flash Fiction is a concept that was brought into existence in February of 2012. I had been writing flash fiction stories to sharpen my writing skills and began playing with superhero stories out of love of the genre. I thought, “This is really fun, I bet other writers would enjoy writing superhero flash fiction as well,” and the concept took hold. After toying with the idea, throwing it around my social networks and receiving positive feedback, I decided to turn it into a free e-magazine.


I did not want to seem like I was limiting the magazine to superhero only stories so I called it comic-genre flash fiction. I posted the idea on LinkedIn on some of the comic book pages and began getting criticism from artist because I was calling it comic-book genre flash fiction and there was no art. So I immediately decided there has to be action art involved and then I started calling it superhero-genre flash fiction to avoid confusion.


Despite calling the flash fiction “superhero genre” our magazines requirements are way more open than this label implies. All we are looking for is flash fiction about extraordinary characters in a modern day earth environment. This can involve normal humans doing feats that push their limits or it can involve science fiction and/or fantasy filled stories. The only limit is the imagination of the creators.


We want our art to have action. This means we do not want pictures of costumed men flexing for the camera or women in their underwear and a cape in provocative positions. We want people doing what makes them special. Anyone can be a poser, only a hero can save a life, deflect an explosion or smash the bad guys. So when we say we want action art we really mean we don’t want pics of posers.


Super Flash Fiction is going to be a quarterly E-magazine and each issue will feature stories and art. We also plan on including interviews with writers and artist, features, special interest articles and contest.


Right now we are not paying for the stories or art that is contributed to our book. Nor are we making any money off of them. It is our goal to eventually pay for the submissions that we print but this will only be possible if we receive a boost from crowd funding or if we gain a large enough readership that we can sell advertising in our pages. When you read our Super Flash Fiction we want the impact to be immediate in a quality whiskey sort of way. Think of it as doing shots of fantasy. You can take it in one fiery swig, or you can put it on ice, sip it and enjoy the flavors.


Super Flash Fiction is the first publication of my multi-media company known as Badd Words LLC. I do not know what our next project will be but we have several short and long term goals that include publishing novels, comic books, other magazines and eventually producing some movies and games. We are new to the industry so I am under stating our progress when I say we are taking baby steps.


“Always in motion the future is.” – Master Yoda


Thank you for reading,


John B Badd – editor

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