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Sean Kain

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Mar 28 2012

Sean Kain – Eden

Crime Lord Sean Kain had been the most powerful man in Metropolis. The most powerful man on the planet, really, since he had controlled the largest bastion of civilization in a world reclaimed by wretched jungle. That had been when Flint Foster had to worry about the Prophets and their scheming to finish the dying world off.

Sharp eyes surveyed his diminished dominion coldly. The rooms at the top of his tower were all he could realistically believe himself to control at this time—and those had to go. Starting over at this point was going to be pure torture, but Kain knew he couldn’t afford the undivided attention of a man like Flint Foster—especially not now that his Super Soldiers had abandoned him.

It might be possible to eventually patch things up with Regina. Their relationship had been something like a marriage; a marriage of convenience, but a marriage nonetheless. Rygus on the other hand, his pride would do him in. He wouldn’t bow, wouldn’t even decrease operations, and would fall to Foster or perhaps Foster’s daughter, Nadine.

No, the best course, for now, was to disappear completely. Make the work of rebuilding the world, free from the shadow of the apocalypse, a more appealing option than hunting for the villain who had seized the city in its moment of weakness and wrung it for all it was worth. Who knew? Perhaps with patience the world would recover more fully and opportunity for even greater profit would present itself.

Shouldering a pack of the supplies he considered worth bringing, Kain twirled a small black remote between his fingers. Striding toward the elevator he opened the remote panel and prepared to press the single button within. No reason to leave any of this for Foster to find and benefit. Kain wasn’t in the habit of benefiting others without profit for himself.

Though there was Phillipa… Kain hadn’t been much of a father, but he had a grudging respect for his disobedient daughter. She’d chosen the winning side in all of this after all—and it hadn’t been his. He shut the remote panel with a smile and set the remote down on an end table.

He could leave this for Phillipa.






Lunaria and Mangus

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Mar 21 2012

Lunaria and Mangus – Terra

The council chamber stood an empty shell. All the great fey whose presence normally caused the very air of the chamber to crackle with their power had gone to rest—except for the broad muscled and black maned leprechaun, Mangus. With the world back in balance the Primal Council would have less on its agenda for the next century or so.

Mangus sat cross-legged in the center of the floor rather than up in his Council Chair. Rolling and massaging his muscles he scowled deeply as he often did. While other fey celebrated the return to balance, Mangus contemplated the cost of the return and future strife.

“Will you not celebrate with the others?” Lunaria’s voice filled the silence like a chime.

Mangus smiled, closing his good eye, “We never do. Do we?”

The succubus Head of the Primal Council glided gently down to Mangus’ side—sitting where he could see her if he opened the eye not covered by a patch. Purple and blue twisted through her coifed hair and skulls adorned her form-fitting leotard. Though at least as ancient as her companion, Lunaria’s flawless figure bore no scars of the tribulations they had both lived through.

“What troubles you this time, old friend?” Lunaria placed her arms around the leprechaun’s shoulders.

“What we put that poor girl and her friends through…” Mangus shook his head and opened his eye, “Was it really necessary? It seems with every generation of Champions I feel more and more that the burden we place upon them is an unfair one.”

Lunaria nodded, “Change is what sustains the world. Without change, the world would die and not be reborn. Yet mortals struggle with change, often lacking the foresight to follow gracefully with change. They fight change, but cannot conquer it and suffering is the result. Long ago we decided it was better for a few individuals to bear this suffering for the good of all and it was within our power to make it so. Are you now thinking we should revisit the Champion system?”

“I wouldn’t mind taking the suffering of the world on myself, but asking another to do it… Doesn’t sit well with me. Especially asking an innocent, which so many of the Life Champions are. Why do the Champions have to be mortal?”

“Because mortals are the ones in whose hands the fate of the world lays. For all our power and connection to the world, in the end we can influence only how events unfold—not what those events are to begin with.”




Elise 2nd

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Mar 15 2012

Elise 2nd – Fantasia

The force cage provided firm support for Elise’s head, totally without temperature. Its hum numbed her mind, causing her to smile subconsciously. The sorceress’s actions came from her heart, so it really was just pleasant to have less on her mind. She’d been beaten. Decisively.

Audrey Prince, the young girl from another world, definitely deserved the Mantle of the Silver Moon. In a single season she had reached the level of arcane power casters like Andromalus or Elise herself. In a way it was nice to have things back out of her hands, though Elise hoped Audrey had a plan for what she was going to do with Fantasia now that she had the power.

Elise discovered she was able to reverse her transformation curse, and was glad to have her mother back. That had easily been the hardest part of her vision for Fantasia, being forced to battle her own mother in order to realize it. Andromalus was less exciting to have back among the speaking and spell-casting. He put a little too much emphasis on how it was HIS apprentice who had bested Elise. The fool even put the same abjurations on Elise’s prison as he’d used to guard his tower. Had he forgotten that Elise had penetrated the tower? Or did he think she was so weakened by the battle?

Running her hands over her arms, Elise felt her sorcerous blood burn away the last of her bruises and aches from the battle. Opening her eyes, Elise breathed out slowly. Audrey’s party would all be resting from their ordeal now. It was time for the denouement.

Her shadow split into the classical elements, creating four duplicates of Elise outside her prison. A few gestures and words of power later and her shadows had freed Elise from Andromalus’ cage.







Learn Dogling!

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Mar 07 2012

Well as long as the main posts are being delayed I figured this is a good opportunity to share the Emotation System used by Horera when she’s speaking dogling. All the beastling tribes in Terra have an emotation system with a degree of mutual intelligability because of the simplicity of the system and commonalities in what is expressed–these systems fall short of complete languages and have no written form, though are occasionally transcribed phonetically into the Common language. The emotation system is primarily used to convey emotional states.

Dogling Emotations

Yip = most happy, correlates to Yippie in Common and thus yippie is often used as well
Yap = affirmative, correlates to yep in Common, and doubles as more moderate form of Yip
Yiff = strongest positive, has acquired more mature connotations over time which have limited its general use
Wan = very minor positive, generally expresses contentment
Browf = neutral  sound, modified by tone to achieve range of meaning often used for questions as well as for statements and exclamations without positive or negative value.
Woof = strong neutral sound, can gain positive or negative value by context. Used to emphasize presence, and often agreement with another’s positive or negative sentiment.
Growf = expresses need, usually hunger
Arf = very minor negative, often used as a warning.
Bark = negative, generally angry exclamation of moderate strength
Mmphh *snort* = negation or distaste, though not angry, also used for unhappy
Grrr *growling* = strong negative, hostility or anger. Strengthens Bark when used before.
mNnn *whining* = sad, strength varies by context, can also be confusion or sympathy

Also Marshintire has finalized the missing picture image, which in turn means Horera must be getting closer to finding the missing pictures! This improved version will go to all the pages currently without their own proper image, but with luck Marshintire will have the time to start filling in the missing images.

By the way, while I’m revealing information about the girls and their worlds; is there anything you (yes you) would like to know? So far I’ve touched on the fairies and dogling emotations of Horera’s world–is there anything anyone would like to know about Audrey or Nadine’s worlds? Or something else about Horera’s?

Nadine Foster

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Feb 29 2012

Nadine – Eden

Her boots found their way reflexively on top of the crumbling pieces of the wall as the tower collapsed toward Nadine. Nimbly keeping on top of the falling rubble, Nadine scaled up for a quick shot at the nightmare daemon’s eyes before back-flipping onto a nearby roof—while it was still nearby.

“Nothing hurts this thing!” Phillipa yelled from the street as she blasted the daemon with enough lightning to light the city block.

JC launched a rocket into the daemon’s maw, also from the street. Nadine peppered its face with arrows of alchemical acid, getting as many in the eyes as she could.

“I agree with Phillipa!” JC shouted up to Nadine, “We don’t stand a chance against this thing! Let’s get out of here while we can!”

Nadine nocked an explosive arrow, “No! We can still save the city!”

The daemon roared as it unleashed a blast of blue-flames from its mouth. JC and Phillipa dove for cover in the alleys and Nadine sunk her exploding arrow in the daemon’s ear-hole. Hopefully that at least got its attention!

“We promised your dad we’d look out for ourselves first! That we wouldn’t take unnecessary risks!” JC drew his high-frequency sword, apparently out of heavier artillery already.

Nadine glanced out at the burning remains of downtown. Screams of pain, anguish and terror still suffused the death laden air. She fired five simultaneous arrows by the daemon’s face as it lunged for Phillipa’s alley, buying the younger girl enough time to vacate.

“We have to at least buy more time for some sort of evacuation!” Nadine was impressed by the command in her own voice, given the tears she could feel on her cheeks.

Phillipa nodded and squared off with the daemon, “Eat this, Scaly!”

Balling her lightning this time, Phillipa launched it right at the daemon’s heart. Then Nadine saw JC running toward Phillipa and time seemed to slow down. Phillipa had left herself open to deliver the attack that washed as harmlessly off the daemon as the rest of their efforts to this point.

Grabbing a fistful of arrows Nadine drew them all back at once. The daemon opened its mouth. JC and Phillipa wouldn’t get to cover in time. Blue flames destroyed Nadine’s arrows before finding her friends.

“NO!” Nadine watched the flames scour the streets a second too long.

The daemon’s tail smashed through the building Nadine was standing on. Her foot caught in the falling rubble—taking her down with it.








Horera Blackwell

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Feb 23 2012

Horera – Terra

“Is that all you’ve got?!” Bad Man rise crater, armor cracked but no lots bleeding. “Come on! Hit me!”

“Gladly,” Edmund lunge shield first, rapier back to strike.

Daddy’s shot stagger Bad Man, Edmund stab holy power. Extra lots fairies all attacking magic and weapons. Once-Bad Priest make big holy light burn Still-Bad Man. Been fighting lots long time, Bad Man still strong. Horera still tired fight Dark Fairy.

“Are you alright, Horera?” Pretty Fairy put hand Horera shoulder.

“Browf,” Horera sigh but nod.

White Wisp, Diamond flank support Horera. Baxall fairy dog front. Baxall Horera’s Fey Ally like other fairies ally Edmund. Stronger in pack. Pretty Fairy give Horera energy back. Bad Man roar, knock Edmund down. Pack charge! Horera leave Guisarme-san guard Pretty Fairy.

Horera catch Bad Man’s fists. Hold off Edmund, growl at Bad Man. Bad Man shift weight, try crush Horera—White Wisp, Diamond try pull Bad Man’s legs but Bad Man stand strong. Baxall biting head but ignored.

“Are you too weak to fight me by yourself?”

Horera growl, “No need fight alone! Horera has friends!”

Horera step closer, break Bad Man balance and throw! Daddy, Once-Bad Priest and lots fairies all attack Bad Man. Edmund get up, Pretty Fairy heal. Horera cock head with thought.

Bad Man has no friends? That sad.





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Feb 15 2012

Audrey – Fantasia

Audrey sighed as she watched Andromalus disappear back into a hole Zedarra’s thunder bear had torn in the wall. This was the third dual-sealed door with both mechanical and magical locks they’d hit since entering Elise’s tower, and Audrey was starting to feel she’d seriously underestimated how close she was to finally defeating the sorceress, restoring Andromalus and Elaria to their true forms and returning home.

Once Audrey dispelled the magical protections on the door either Andromalus or Elaria could disable the mechanical side by going after the pressure tubes inside the walls. Elaria knew more about it than Andromalus did, but was also fairly claustrophobic. So this door and the one last one both fell to Andromalus, who in his own words “can do anything the hawk can do.”

Tangy metallic steam vented from the door’s exhaust panels and the way opened. Yezen went though first alongside Jordan, with Elaria circling overhead and Zedarra following with her bear spirit. Audrey was rejoined by Andromalus in the protected center position.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say it looked like Elise was gearing up for a war,” Yezen whistled as they saw row after row of thirteen foot tall iron golems light up in their creation tubes.

She is. Andromalus flicked his tail. Other arcane spell casters are still a threat to her at this stage, which is why she went to the trouble of securing Magica Valley first. Soon she’ll be able to open gates to the rest of Fantasia and unleash her army on the whole world at once. If we don’t stop her here, it will be too late.

Audrey sighed as she looked up at Elaria flying overhead. Somehow, Audrey got the sense that Elaria didn’t want to fight Elise—even though Elise is the one who turned her into a hawk. This whole mess started when Andromalus summoned Audrey to become a wizard and defeat the evil sorceress, Elise, and restore him to his true form. She’d found many allies willing to join in that effort, but none who felt so strongly as Andromalus did.

Having only had one serious conversation with Elise herself Audrey wasn’t sure she had her own opinion anymore. Elise had been absolutely terrifying to face in battle. But when it was just the two of them, Elise tried so hard to put Audrey at ease and said she wanted to help Audrey get home. Elise had been so kind to her then.

Still, Audrey couldn’t think of any good use for all these golems. They’d fought two since entering the tower—and those two golems together had been every bit as dangerous as the dragon who had guarded the entrance to Magica. If Elise had hundreds such golems, it almost had to be for war.








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Feb 08 2012

Idris – Eden

Idris watched the parade of bodies coldly, but closely. If any of them were still alive it was a small matter; in their condition they were no longer of use as agents of Prophecy. Thirty bore severe electrical burns; nineteen had fallen to a combination of small arms fire and a high-frequency blade; the other forty feathered ridiculously with arrows. Flint Foster had been a speed-bump on the way to the true Reclamation of the world. Now his daughter seemed determined to be the same.

Turning out to the starless night, Idris raised a hand to the golden mask known to the world as the face of Prophecy. Years ago Idris would have sought shelter from the biting wind which buffeted with the weight of the storm to which it was herald. But this cold was worldly and paled in comparison to the chill of the grave, the fires of damnation. Idris could barely perceive temperatures in Eden since being restored to life by daemonic masters.

Restored to life, but not fully to form. A burnt-out socket served as constant reminder of the right eye lost to Flint Foster’s blaster that day so long ago. A single shot made without breaking stride and Idris’ life was ended ignominiously. Even Agent Foster had been unable to stop the doomsday device, but by triggering it early he had left the Reclamation incomplete. Was his daughter about to similarly force their hand prematurely?

No matter. Idris turned back as the last useful Prophets emerged from the silvered fortress into which they had carried the casualties of the day’s fighting. Eden was on the brink, and it was too late to prevent the final completion of the Reclamation started so long ago. A lifetime ago. Inside that fortress was true and final death, something Idris very much doubted the young Nadine Foster was prepared to face head on.







Lenin Blackwell

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Jan 25 2012

Lenin – Terra

Lenin Blackwell tossed his rifle roughly aside, the crack and clatter of it striking the stonewall doing little to lift his mood. He’d cleaned it five times already and it wasn’t getting any cleaner than that. Maybe if it broke he’d have something to do. Being back in the Seelie Court set his hairs on end, and having nothing to do made him irritable. Still, he’d promised Horera he wasn’t going anywhere.

“What’s on your mind?” Edmund sat on the natural floor near Lenin, dressed in his Seelie best.

Why couldn’t Edmund be the Life Champion? The man was built for it, mind, body and soul—and wasn’t backing down from the fight anyway. Heck, he was going through all the Tests right alongside Horera—and pulling more than his share often as not. Most importantly, Edmund wasn’t Lenin’s little girl.

“I-uh,” Lenin cleared his throat, “It’s been a while since I thanked you for looking out for Horera. Means a lot more to me than I can say, and it kills me that it’s something I can’t do myself.”

Edmund smiled and passed Lenin’s firearm back to him, “Your promise to help Chris in exchange, something I couldn’t do, makes us even. Besides, I’m honored to fight alongside your daughter. She is a truly noble soul.”

“Ain’t nothing more I can do for Chris,” Lenin scowled. “If he’s gonna make it, someone needs to kill Donovan—and soon.”

“I understand.”

Lenin shook his head, “I don’t think you do. I wish to the gods I could just do it and save you all the trouble, but I literally can’t. Donovan and I are considered the same.”

“What do you mean by that?” Edmund pulled at his mustache.

Lenin laughed and scratched his own stubble, “This whole battle between the Life and Destruction Champions was supposed to be resolved in my generation. But there was a snag.” Shifting forward, Lenin put his elbows on his knees. “You see, they don’t tell you who you are or what you’re fighting for if they don’t think you need to know.”

“I’m not sure I understand,” Edmund feigned ignorance. Fool was polite, refusing to think poorly of others without hard proof.

“I was the Destruction Champion. And I won. But I refused to destroy the world after these damn fairies finally explained what the hell we’d been fighting for.” Sighing, Lenin dropped his head back against the wall. “The world’s spun out of balance because of me. Horera’s parents are dead because of that imbalance. And now Horera has to finish my fight.”






Andromalus 2nd

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Jan 18 2012

Andromalus 2nd – Fantasia

Home was different. No, of course that wasn’t true. Nothing had changed, Elise hadn’t looted anything after cursing him, and the magic maintaining the tower assured its imperviousness to time. Andromalus had changed. He’d been a cat for far too long. All too often he still imagined chasing and catching Elaria, the hawk in their party—proud of the fact that he was sure he could catch her if he wanted to. Lazy naps in warm sunbeams had become almost as glorious in his eyes as books.

So of course, now pleased from whiskers to tail, Andromalus couldn’t help purring with each rising and falling breath. He was napping, in a sunbeam, in his library. Audrey was below completely engrossed in reading his books as she had been for the last six hours. He didn’t really care where the rest of their party was or what they were doing. He’d come to trust them not to mess things up, and they knew better than to disturb Audrey while she was reading.

Crawling forward on top of the stacks, Andromalus re-centered himself in the advancing sunbeam. He had nothing left to teach Audrey, the rest she would have to figure out on her own. His apprentice, and a fitting one at that. Both of his parents had been wizards, Andromalus had mastered his first cantrip by four years of age. Genius that he was, Andromalus had mastered the high level of magic Audrey now wielded by the age of twelve. He had been the best wizard Fantasia had ever known, none could match his intellect or prowess—though the Mantle of the Silver Moon never recognized him, he’d always known it to be true.

But now, in barely a month, Audrey had mastered the magic it had taken Andromalus eight years to learn. Child or not, her achievement dwarfed his own. Deep down, Andromalus had expected to spend a decade training Audrey before she was ready to confront Elise, and now here they were preparing for the final confrontation without so much as a season passed. The Mantle of the Silver Moon, mark of arcane greatness, had recognized Audrey. His apprentice was among the legendary few so recognized. He had chosen well.

Audrey had even known what magic she needed to enter Elise’s tower and take the fight to that conceited wench directly. All Andromalus had needed to do was show Audrey which section it was in. Soon he would be human again, and his apprentice would be the greatest wizard Fantasia had ever known.