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March Madness Wrap-Up

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Mar 30 2012

Okay, here’s my post-challenge wrap-up. Participation and completion seem to be at an all-time low for a ‘Timony challenge, which makes me sad. Of course even I have been experiencing enough real-world stressors that keeping up with reading and writing has been very difficult. Perhaps by summer things will be better all around-as summer was my first blog challenge with ‘Timony (or at all, the 7 Sins Blog Challenge).

‘Timony Souler: The every lovely originator of the challenge, this time she gave us crown princes of Hell to play with. Though like me it seems keeping up with life, reading and writing has been difficult as of late.

Rebecca Clare Smith: A stalwart from ‘Timony’s challenges and sensual writer of Urban Fantasy—not to mention host of the up-and-coming Sat-Sun-Tails Challenges (reference to the Sonic character, definitely worth checking out). For this challenge Rebecca gives us demons on earth and wreaking havoc on helpless mortals—my favorite being week 2 “Royal Lip Service” for its richness of detail, character and feeling.

Emilia Quill: Absolutely amazing fantasy author with incredible worlds, creatures and characters. This time she treats us to the demon blighted trials of a shapeshifter named Vret, told in multiple parts. My favorite installment though has to be week 1, because of the completeness achieved in such a short piece.

Meg McNulty: Long time fellow blog-challenger, Meg’s stories achieve a depth of history and context that is utterly enthralling. For March Madness she gives us a narrator’s delve into demon-binding, and my favorite is week 2 for the double-jeopardy of two hell-princes—plus it’s an awesome portrayal of Asmodeus who as a D&D nerd I’m rather partial to.

March Madness 4

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Mar 27 2012

Mammon: March 27

“Momma!” Little Dearna protested as Selena led her out of the palace.

“Shush, sweetie,” Selena knelt to comfort her daughter, “We have to be quiet.”

How long had she been in Hell? Dearna was getting bigger. It wouldn’t be long before her father noticed. Selena wouldn’t let Belial corrupt their daughter. The time had come to see if the crystal could get them out safely.

It worked better than Selena had hoped! Dearna was so brave, at least as brave as Selena herself, and soon they were on the straightaway to the Gates. Freedom. A brightly frocked demon pushing a cart laden with gold and jewels entered through the Gates, too late to hide. Selena stopped short, squeezing Dearna’s hand and daring a glance at the crystal. The fiend before them was a powerful one.

He set his cart down with a sigh and appraised mother and daughter, “Going up?”

Selena nodded.

“You were a singer before, weren’t you?” he leaned wearily on his cart. “I can set you up with a nice fame-and-fortune package when you get back. A little something to ease the transition.”

Selena shook her head.

His eyes narrowed, “I can’t twist your arm?”




My final entry for ‘Timony Souler’s March Madness blog challenge. Since Wednesday is a Flash Fiction day for Lost Girls’ Society and I still haven’t managed to get out and read the other entries you’ll have to come back on Friday for my post-challenge wrap-up. Feel free to swing by the others’ sites and reading their work ahead of me, or use the March Madness tag at the bottom of this post to find the rest of Selena’s story–which in fact is more of a prequel for the actual story I have planned for her.

March Madness 3

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Mar 20 2012

Astaroth: March 20

Selena no longer remembered how long she had been in Belial’s harem. In whatever time it may have been, she had borne him six sons and each was taken from her. Her daughter she had been allowed to keep. Observing her master’s other wives, Selena knew what fate awaited her young Dearna when she came of age.

The other wives didn’t care what became of their progeny. They existed only to serve Belial. Somehow Asmodeus’ crystal helped Selena to remember who she was. Over time she had also learned that lights within the crystal revealed the power and proximity of fiends. Her master had a powerful guest today.

“Come, Astaroth! Let us be free of this cesspit! You could render my sons undetectable thanks to their mortal blood. Once they had conquered the material world we could divide it between the two of us!” Belial’s voice.

“You would betray me,” his guest, reclined on a dragon, waved her master off.

“If that were the case, you would know it and I would gain nothing. There is no profit in betraying you.”

“I know it, Belial. This venture is doomed to fail.”

“And yet you are here.”

“And yet I am…”



More in Selena’s story for ‘Timony’s March Madness Blog Challenge. You can find links to the other challengers on ‘Timony’s site, or the rest of Selena’s story by clicking the March Madness tag at the bottom of the post. Now things have settled down a bit I’ll be making the rounds to see the other entries myself.

March Madness 2

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Mar 13 2012

Asmodeus: March 13

The rest of hell wasn’t nearly as accommodating as Belial’s palace. Even clear of the influence of her new master’s harem Selena could only follow him meekly. In the palace she was disoriented by drugs and fumes, and outside it cowed by the many residents of the infernal realm less pleasant of aspect than her captor.

“Ah, Modo! I trust you’ve heard about my latest concubine!” Belial tugged Selena forward by her golden tether.

A lithe demon in a tailored suit stopped ahead of them. His serpent tail twitched before he glanced back over his shoulder with the face of a mighty bull. Leaning on an ebony cane, the demon turned fully to face Selena and Belial, revealing the additional faces of a sophisticated man and powerful ram.

“Bel, she is too good for you!” the gentleman bowed and pulled Selena’s hand to his center face for a reverent kiss. “Call me Asmodeus.”

Belial jerked Selena away with a snarl, “You won’t get any of this one!”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Asmodeus bowed graciously to Belial.

The elegant fiend winked at Selena before hobbling away. Behind Belial’s back, Selena examined the small crystal Asmodeus had slipped into her palm.




This continues from my first March Madness post. Make sure to check out the rest of the field at ‘Timony’s site and come back through the month for more of Selena’s time in Hell.

March Madness 1

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Mar 06 2012

Belial: March 6

Selena awoke laid out on luxurious cushions, dressed in fine if revealing silks and gossamer. The gilded chamber was sweltering, even the hue of the light fiery. Yet the heat in Selena’s body was even greater than that in the room, and growing in intensity now that she was awake. Putting a hand to her head she tried to remember where she was or what happened, but the floral spice of incense clouded her mind.

“Welcome home,” a massive red-scaled man entered the chamber with a sharp-toothed smile. “You’ll learn to love it here.”

“What have you done to me?” Selena recoiled in horror even as she felt the tug of lust for the infernally perfect male. “Who are you?”

She had been in her dressing room when she first smelled the incense. There had a strong arm around her body and a cloth pressed to her nose and mouth by a powerful hand, and then she was here.

“I am Belial, and from this day forth you are mine,” the demon bent intoxicatingly close to fasten a gorgeous golden collar around Selena’s throat.

Curling into a ball Selena tried desperately to block out myriad alien desires.



You can check out the prompts and links to other participants over at ‘Timony’s site. Also a reminder that generally this month my entries for ‘Timony’s March Madness will be instead of the normal Monday update.