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Forecasting Fantasy

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May 04 2012

Well, unless there’s a massive surge of last minute votes for Kerri it looks like Leona’s story will be the next. With that settled I will, in time, be able to start giving you some real sneak-peaks here on Forecast Fridays. More immediately than writing Leona’s story though, I’m definitely taking a shot at this Fantasy Writing Contest. They aim to be THE definitive annual fantasy anthology of new and established authors–and falling under the ‘new’ or at least ‘unpublished’ author heading myself that sounds like a good fit.

Anticipating Leona’s win in the poll though, I will give you a peek at her party. After all, what is a fantasy adventure without a party? I do sorta follow the role-playing game formula a bit, but there are reasons for that beyond the fact that it’s a good structure and I like RPGs.

Leona Banisher = daughter of the Last Demon Hunter, and following in her father’s footsteps. She wields his massive Fullblade in battle and exhibits exceptional power from years spent mastering the blade. To date her interactions with other people have been limited to what was necessary and no more.

Lysander Devonwilde = a traveling bard, lover of stories and jack-of-all-trades. He comes from a prestigious family of Sword Dancers whose technique transcends the physical to achieve effects equivalent to magic.

Catherine “Kitty” Moon = street urchin turned cat-burglar, she considers herself the best in the city–though has been kicked out of larger cities with more established Thieves Guilds. Her experience is that everyone looks out for themselves, and only a fool gives when they have the ability to take.

Zelis Aasiarn = in spite of her relative youth, Zelis is the Chief Druid and religious authority for her besieged people, isolated by the cataclysm of the last century and slowly dying. She is rumored to have powers beyond those of all but, perhaps, the High Priest of the Stellan Temple himself.

Hazy Future

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Apr 27 2012

So… We have a novel as my next major project, still waiting on the poll results before I’ll be able to give you any windows into the progress of the work.

I’ve got a lot of reading to do and a lot of other general catch-up to do on my web-presence which is part of why I’m taking until August before starting serious work on the next project. I still haven’t made any significant progress on that other stuff I need to do, but I’m guessing some you you can relate to things just piling up.

A few forecasts not directly related to the novel and without exact timelines associated with them other than “soon”;

I will be updating the site starting with the Links page and then moving to the Galleries–getting my Links up to date and adding new ones, as well as adding new images to the Galleries and likely my Deviant Art page too.

There’s also a more than even chance I’ll be adding a page for the BESM campaign chronicled by Melody’s Diary entries, since some interest in that was expressed by the rest of the group. So collect Melody’s Diary entries there for one thing, but also contributions by the others and who knows what else.

Novel Forecast

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Apr 20 2012

Okay, so the poll came out tied between Scripts to the site or a Novel–so I’m making an executive tie-break in favor of the novel. The next question is what should the novel be about–I’ve got two ideas I think are about ready to be developed and so today I give you some info on them and a new poll for which you would most like to see (or think has the best market potential). It’s funny, I think they both would end up being classified as “Young Adult” Novels–which is funny because I’ve got some personal beef with that term that I won’t go into now but will surely come up again another of these Forecast Friday.

You can use the search bar at the top of the right hand column to find more information about the first Novel concept; Kerri’s Creatures. She’s received some flash-fiction attention over the last year but isn’t satisfied with that and is demanding a larger work dedicated to her and her struggles.

Kerri Wynter

Age: 13
Race: Human
Class: Sorceress

Kerri is a sorceress in training who was left to fend for herself after the untimely disappearance of her mother. Of course, before she vanished Kerri’s mother left her daughter with a considerable inheritance that includes a creepy old mansion and a menagerie of monsters no sane person would be jealous of.

Torn between desires for a normal teenage life and to be the most powerful sorceress the world has ever known, Kerri’s life is a balancing act made more complicated by her unconventional inheritance. Her best friends end up being similarly distanced from society as herself, but together they help each other toward their goals.

Appropriately to Kerri’s desires, the story is an Urban Fantasy with a balance between the magical and the mundane–though set in an alternate world and erring pretty strongly toward magical.


The other Novel possibility I’m considering would actually expand on the events of the next generation in the world of Niar–with of course appearances from some of the cast of this site’s original serial, Niar Saga. Though the story really is about the next generation and will stand alone just fine.

Leona Banisher

Age: 16
Race: Human
Class: Demon Hunter

Leona Banisher is the daughter of the legendary Andrew Banisher, the Last Demon Hunter. Trained from birth to take over her father’s legacy, she goes into battle wielding his sacred implements–the fullblade Banisher from which the family takes its name, and the amulet Oracle. Her demeanor is serious and her dedication to Demon Hunting is single-minded like her father–but unlike him it was never a path she chose for herself.

No sooner had Leona’s training been completed than she was sent to travel the world, eradicating the evil that had risen since her father’s death. She works alone and frequently surprises those she meets with her ability to wield her massive sword, and unflinching battle-readiness. Her world is turned on end after meeting the teenage bard, Lysander Devonwilde, as she begins to discover the joy of friendship and risks opening her heart to another person for the first time.

Leona’s story is a classic Fantasy Adventure set in the world of Niar, and spanning much of the world (though not always the same locations as Niar Saga).


So, which story are YOU interested in? Feel free to ask clarifying questions in order to figure it out, and of course if you know someone who might read either story once its finished tell them to swing by too.

My Phone Monday

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Apr 16 2012

I’m now realizing that with a couple of Blog Competitions on Mondays (Cara Michael’s Menage Monday and Wakefield Mahon’s Motivation Monday respectively) if I’m going to do a good My Phone Monday post I’ll really need to prepare it by Sunday or just get lucky and have a Monday with nothing else major to do.

So unfortunately this first one will not be a “good one”, but the whole point of these posts is something to keep you entertained and me on the web until August when you’ll get another serious project from me again. But for now, this My Phone Monday I present for your consideration;


Not too shocking I imagine, but I have Shazam! On my smart phone. This spiffy music tagging device actually pre-dates smart phones and is fun to yell just before using it like a special technique in an anime.

The range of songs it can identify and then connect me with in iTunes has been a tremendous boon to my library of songs. My family eats out fairly regularly and I love world music, so I get to hear a lot of music that I’d never be able to pronounce the name of let alone read–and thanks to Shazam I now have much of that music in my library to enjoy the music and utterly mysterious lyrics whenever I like–or even better have come on randomly and be like “Wow! Where did that come from? I should Shazam that!”

Now, I’ve got the free version on my phone, not Encore… Though in researching for this post and discovering that fact I am seriously considering the $5.99 price tag for Encore. The free version, which I have, features advertising banners–which are small and unobtrusive, but Encore apparently connects to Pandora and Spotify which could be sort of cool. But mostly I’m looking at it as a free app that I wouldn’t mind paying $6 for, and which a $6 version is available.

Any time I want to know what’s playing–or just save it somewhere to be purchased later even if I do know, but being me am likely to forget–Shazam has shown remarkable ability to identify even obscure and foreign songs, and to work with an average level of background noise. My only real complaint is the few times it hasn’t worked I couldn’t tell for sure if it couldn’t hear the song or just couldn’t recognize it–but that has been a rare occurrence indeed.

So I’m giving Shazam 5 out of 5 Stars, because you can get it for free and it does something pretty cool (identifies music for you) and does it reliably. You’ve probably all already heard of Shazam and have your own opinions on it, but maybe somewhere down the line something will turn up on my phone you haven’t heard of or hadn’t made your mind up about yet.

And that’s the first My Phone Monday!

First Forecast

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Apr 13 2012

Okay, so it’s Forecast Friday! Also, it’s Friday April 13! So happy Friday the Thirteenth.

The poll as to what my next major project should be is still up, so I can’t tell you what the progress is on it yet because we still don’t know what it is. Please vote and get others to come by and vote to ensure I undertake the project of greatest interest to you though. You can find details concerning the projects by following THIS link.

A shorter term forecast though, there will be new art by me on the Lost Girls’ Society main page sometime tonight!

Also I’m writing a strategy guide for Arel Wars for the iPhone because there is serious need for one. Ugh, don’t get me started on that game–I’ll cover it on a “My Phone Monday”, possibly this upcoming one.

Other Web Wednesday

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Apr 11 2012

I had a thought that may delay the actual first real post of Other-Web Wednesday (where I visit other sites on the internet and talk about them back on this one), but maybe you can  weigh in with your thoughts on my thought.

The thought is maybe making this a more explicit opportunity for the originators of sites I consider worth visiting to do some self-promotion in the form of a brief interview posted along with my observations about their content. No idea if I could get people to talk about their own website for a post on mine, but it seems like the odds would be favorable. Any questions you’d like to see in such an interview?

Right now I’m thinking;

-How long has [website in question] been on the internet?

-Do you have other sites your fans should know about?

-What was your motivation for creating [website in question]?

-What would you most like to happen with [website in question] in the next year?

-Is there anything else readers should know about you or your website?

I think it’s probably too short notice to expect a response to something like this today (plus if I’m introducing you to some of my favorite websites I would like to know what you readers would like to hear from their creators about).

Friday Forecast and Lucky 7

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Apr 06 2012

So first, because I’ve finished writing and posting Lost Girls’ Society (art updates will likely continue for some time depending on Marshintire’s schedule though) I want to let you know what to expect from the site until August when I’ll begin my next major project (need some time off first though).

Still planning to stick to the Monday/Wednesday/Friday post schedule with the following themes; “My Phone Mondays” where I let you know what Apps I have on my iPhone and what I think of them (I promise to make it entertaining if perhaps less than useful to those without iPhones).

“Other-Web Wednesdays”, I’ll be making a concerted effort to get back out to others’ sites now that I’m stepping back from mine for a bit, so on Wednesday’s I’ll highlight another site I’ve been to recently.

“Forecast Fridays” will be when I open discussions about the August project and/or whatever else is coming up in the future.

Of course any day can be subbed-out for a post from Melody’s Diary while the BESM campaign I’m role-playing in continues, or any blog-challenges that post to individual sites. This coming Monday will be another entry in Melody’s Diary, though it seems Fridays will the usual day for her posts since our group often meets on Thursday.


Now on to the Lucky 7 Meme!

The magnificent Lena Corazon tagged me for the Lucky 7 Meme so I’m going to do the best I can to live up to the honor. As I understand it the meme requires;

1. Go to page 77 (or page 7) of your current MS/WIP

2. Go to line 7

3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs, and post them as they’re written.

4. Tag 7 authors, and let them know.

Now, I’m actually between projects at the moment–I don’t actually have anything in-progress! So after much deliberation I’ve decided to post 7 paragraphs from page 7 of my complete family-movie script, “Yuki”. Starting at line 7 cuts two words out of the front of a sentence, so I’m also going to cheat a little and give you the full sentence.

Her eyes are as dark as her hair, while her DEEP RED LIPS provide sudden color to the scene. Her expression is perfectly neutral.


Puca shrinks back from Yuki’s gaze with a little gulp. Regaining her composure she straightens back up, erecting her ears to gain a little more height without transforming.


The humans are doing terrible things in the south, and we are powerless to stop them!


With another flutter from Yuki’s hair and kimono, the wind dies down completely and the clouds clear from the sky, leaving her and Puca facing each other in a snowy moonlit clearing with the forest visible all around them.


The music fades out with the wind.


PUCA (cont’d)
I know the humans fear you up here, so I was thinking maybe you could remind the humans where I come from about the power of nature?


Yuki looks sad and casts her gaze down. Quickly Puca waves her fore-paws and goes on.

Now for tagging 7 other authors… I’m going to try not to limit doubling up on writers who’ve already been tagged, but I’m not sure how possible that will be or if all of those I tag will have Works-In-Progress to post from either.

  1. Stevie McCoy, I haven’t read any of her current WIP, but I read a lot of her last one and really want to see her published.
  2. Andy Isbell, he’s got a whole lot going on so I’m sure there are some WIPs in there too–art, writing, music, I’m not sure if there’s anything he doesn’t do.
  3. Megan Quint, so her web-presence as I’m aware of it is nature journaling but she’s got a fun and engaging style and I’m sure more than a few stories to tell.
  4. Karen Valenzuela, another great author–I’m still waiting to read one of her larger works but the snippets and flash fictions I’ve seen have been brilliant.
  5. Bryce Daniels, a considerate and compelling writer with excellent insight to the human condition–I really hope to see more of him as time goes on though I’ve been neglectful of late.
  6. Brainhaze, another writer I’m ashamed to say I’ve been neglectful in my reading, even in the shortest of stories I was always floored by the genius of the twists in the story.
  7. Rebecca Clare Smith, I’m going to be shocked if she hasn’t already been tagged for this but her urban fantasy worlds and characters are too rich to ignore.

Completion and Looking Ahead

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Apr 04 2012

As many of you are already aware, the writing for Lost Girls’ Society is now complete. The entire story, and all the Wednesday Flash supplements, has been written and posted to the site and you can find it all conveniently organized on the Lost Girls’ Society main story page above or to the right. I’ve even completed artwork for the past two flashes which originally posted without art (I’m particularly happy with the art for Lunaria and Mangus).

I will of course keep you posted as Marshintire completes the artwork for the main story posts. She’s got a lot on her plate right now, so it may be some time before the artwork is finished–but I think you’ll all agree with me her art is worth waiting for. I’ve got a lot in mind for polishing up the site, doing some basic maintenance and adding a bit to the Lost Girls’ Society main page. One thing I will not be doing is putting any new major works up on the site of the scale of Lost Girls’ Society or Niar Saga until August.

So this can be a great time for you to catch up on the backlog if you’re behind on reading–and Niar Saga has all of its artwork, granted it’s by me so not as good, but it’s there. Basically I need to step back from the writing schedule I’ve been maintaining and recommit to real-life issues like getting a job.

That said, when I do feature a major work on this site again I want to learn from the bumps and set-backs of the previous two serials and hopefully present with even more grace than I have with the past two projects. Because of this, although I don’t intend to post anything until August, now is already the planning stage for the next major endeavor.

Hence the current poll, which I hope many of you will weigh in on so my next major project will appeal to as many of you as possible. If you need more information on the poll here are some clarifications that may or may not affect your decision.

I already have an idea or two for each of the above formats, and there is no cross-over. So you’re voting for story as well as medium in this poll.

WEB COMIC: A fantasy web-comic in an original setting that operates according to the rules of the Pathfinder role-playing system. I intend no harm to the fourth wall, so the characters aren’t going to know their stats or be aware that they’re game characters or anything like that, the emphasis will be on story and character and the Pathfinder rules will just be incidental. PROS-lots of images, some text, a whole lot of action and awesome, CONS-I would be drawing the comic so not that pretty, and it could only update once a week.

NOVEL: There are a few options here (I’ve always wanted to write a novel), but in all probability it will be the story of Leona Banisher, daughter of the Last Demon Hunter, and set in the world of Niar a generation after the events of Niar Saga. PROS-this would be a very large, complete and fully developed work and take advantage of my preference for larger stories and scenarios, CONS-other than some progress updates and maybe a few excerpts it provides nothing for the site, you would have to buy it.

SERIAL: More in the vein of Niar Saga or Lost Girls’ Society with two story posts a week of mostly text and a picture. Not sure exactly which way I’d go with this one at the moment, but having done it twice before it’s likely the easiest of the available options… Perhaps expand one of my many flash-fictions from this site or beyond into a serial, maybe follow-up to Lost Girls’ Society, maybe serialize the adventures of Team Neo-Shieldfront who I’d discussed crossing over with Lost Girls’ Society. PROS-We’d all know what to expect from the post schedule, it’d be familiar, convenient and frankly well suited to the web-format CONS-Pretty similar to the Pros actually, seems about time to try something a little different, eh?

SCRIPTS: This one could actually present the most frequent update schedule–or the largest updates depending on preference–and has the advantage of being the medium I’ve become most comfortable with thanks to focused involvement through college and all the years since. My plan would actually be television format, the “Season Zero” for my super-hero series, Maze Warrior. PROS-Frequent or large updates, format I’m very comfortable with, CONS-Pretty text heavy, accompanying art would likely be very rough story-boards, essentially a blue-print rather than a finished product because they are scripts


And there we have it. I’ll let you know more what the site and my online activity’s going to look like between now and August on Friday.


March Madness Wrap-Up

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Mar 30 2012

Okay, here’s my post-challenge wrap-up. Participation and completion seem to be at an all-time low for a ‘Timony challenge, which makes me sad. Of course even I have been experiencing enough real-world stressors that keeping up with reading and writing has been very difficult. Perhaps by summer things will be better all around-as summer was my first blog challenge with ‘Timony (or at all, the 7 Sins Blog Challenge).

‘Timony Souler: The every lovely originator of the challenge, this time she gave us crown princes of Hell to play with. Though like me it seems keeping up with life, reading and writing has been difficult as of late.

Rebecca Clare Smith: A stalwart from ‘Timony’s challenges and sensual writer of Urban Fantasy—not to mention host of the up-and-coming Sat-Sun-Tails Challenges (reference to the Sonic character, definitely worth checking out). For this challenge Rebecca gives us demons on earth and wreaking havoc on helpless mortals—my favorite being week 2 “Royal Lip Service” for its richness of detail, character and feeling.

Emilia Quill: Absolutely amazing fantasy author with incredible worlds, creatures and characters. This time she treats us to the demon blighted trials of a shapeshifter named Vret, told in multiple parts. My favorite installment though has to be week 1, because of the completeness achieved in such a short piece.

Meg McNulty: Long time fellow blog-challenger, Meg’s stories achieve a depth of history and context that is utterly enthralling. For March Madness she gives us a narrator’s delve into demon-binding, and my favorite is week 2 for the double-jeopardy of two hell-princes—plus it’s an awesome portrayal of Asmodeus who as a D&D nerd I’m rather partial to.

A little news

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Feb 20 2012

So, Lost Girls’ Society is updating with story posts on Mondays and Fridays, with front-page flash fiction on Wednesdays that fills in the details of their respective worlds without being necessary to the larger story. All can be reached from the Lost Girls’ Society main page linked above or to the right, while the individual posts can also be accessed via the Page navigation to the right.

Right now I’m still struggling to keep up with the various other blog challenges and writing contests on the internet and my own personal schedule. Eventually I’d like for this process to be helped by my fancy new computer, but for now the learning curve means the new computer isn’t an improvement in terms of efficiency than the disaster-ridden older computer it’s replacing.

We’re coming up on the end of Lost Girls’ Society, and I’m definitely thinking when that’s done I’ll step away from creating content for the site for a little while. This site has been online for over a year now, and in that time we’ve made it through the fantasy serial Niar Saga and are about to finish the second serial, Lost Girls’ Society. There will definitely be more original (and free) work to come on the site, and I’ll probably get some polls going in the top right to see what people would be interested in me working on next once I’ve had a little breather.

On the topic of the polls, even I missed voting in the last one (I don’t normally vote in my own polls, but for Lost Girls Society versus Niar Saga I actually have a position and try to slip it in when it won’t be obvious it’s me)! The solitary vote for Horera was kind of sad. Would more people vote if I re-opened that poll, or was it just a bad question?
Past polls can be found under Archives in the links at the top of the page.