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Completion and Looking Ahead

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Apr 04 2012

As many of you are already aware, the writing for Lost Girls’ Society is now complete. The entire story, and all the Wednesday Flash supplements, has been written and posted to the site and you can find it all conveniently organized on the Lost Girls’ Society main story page above or to the right. I’ve even completed artwork for the past two flashes which originally posted without art (I’m particularly happy with the art for Lunaria and Mangus).

I will of course keep you posted as Marshintire completes the artwork for the main story posts. She’s got a lot on her plate right now, so it may be some time before the artwork is finished–but I think you’ll all agree with me her art is worth waiting for. I’ve got a lot in mind for polishing up the site, doing some basic maintenance and adding a bit to the Lost Girls’ Society main page. One thing I will not be doing is putting any new major works up on the site of the scale of Lost Girls’ Society or Niar Saga until August.

So this can be a great time for you to catch up on the backlog if you’re behind on reading–and Niar Saga has all of its artwork, granted it’s by me so not as good, but it’s there. Basically I need to step back from the writing schedule I’ve been maintaining and recommit to real-life issues like getting a job.

That said, when I do feature a major work on this site again I want to learn from the bumps and set-backs of the previous two serials and hopefully present with even more grace than I have with the past two projects. Because of this, although I don’t intend to post anything until August, now is already the planning stage for the next major endeavor.

Hence the current poll, which I hope many of you will weigh in on so my next major project will appeal to as many of you as possible. If you need more information on the poll here are some clarifications that may or may not affect your decision.

I already have an idea or two for each of the above formats, and there is no cross-over. So you’re voting for story as well as medium in this poll.

WEB COMIC: A fantasy web-comic in an original setting that operates according to the rules of the Pathfinder role-playing system. I intend no harm to the fourth wall, so the characters aren’t going to know their stats or be aware that they’re game characters or anything like that, the emphasis will be on story and character and the Pathfinder rules will just be incidental. PROS-lots of images, some text, a whole lot of action and awesome, CONS-I would be drawing the comic so not that pretty, and it could only update once a week.

NOVEL: There are a few options here (I’ve always wanted to write a novel), but in all probability it will be the story of Leona Banisher, daughter of the Last Demon Hunter, and set in the world of Niar a generation after the events of Niar Saga. PROS-this would be a very large, complete and fully developed work and take advantage of my preference for larger stories and scenarios, CONS-other than some progress updates and maybe a few excerpts it provides nothing for the site, you would have to buy it.

SERIAL: More in the vein of Niar Saga or Lost Girls’ Society with two story posts a week of mostly text and a picture. Not sure exactly which way I’d go with this one at the moment, but having done it twice before it’s likely the easiest of the available options… Perhaps expand one of my many flash-fictions from this site or beyond into a serial, maybe follow-up to Lost Girls’ Society, maybe serialize the adventures of Team Neo-Shieldfront who I’d discussed crossing over with Lost Girls’ Society. PROS-We’d all know what to expect from the post schedule, it’d be familiar, convenient and frankly well suited to the web-format CONS-Pretty similar to the Pros actually, seems about time to try something a little different, eh?

SCRIPTS: This one could actually present the most frequent update schedule–or the largest updates depending on preference–and has the advantage of being the medium I’ve become most comfortable with thanks to focused involvement through college and all the years since. My plan would actually be television format, the “Season Zero” for my super-hero series, Maze Warrior. PROS-Frequent or large updates, format I’m very comfortable with, CONS-Pretty text heavy, accompanying art would likely be very rough story-boards, essentially a blue-print rather than a finished product because they are scripts


And there we have it. I’ll let you know more what the site and my online activity’s going to look like between now and August on Friday.