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Pathfinder Online

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Nov 28 2012

This isn’t going to be my biggest “Other Web Wednesday” post, because I figure most of you already know what Kickstarter is and even for those who don’t it doesn’t take a lot of explanation. It’s a website where developers, creators and visionaries can request crowd funding for their projects, and the public, consumers and patrons can invest in things they value with limited risk and higher odds on reward.

But I’m not here to talk about Kickstarter. Instead I’m here to promote a specific project on it I value. Pathfinder Online.

For a little context, I like fantasy and role-playing and games–three separate things that go remarkably well together and have been highly successfully combined over the years in such forms as Dungeons & Dragons and an entire genre of video-games.

Now the presently small but incredibly awesome company Goblinworks is bringing their own special magic to that sweet combination. Pathfinder is another paper and pencil role-playing system similar to Dungeons & Dragons–in fact, when Dungeons & Dragons lost its way and a lot of fans (myself included) Paizo and Pathfinder picked up the pieces with their own glorious role-playing system.
In close cooperation with the people at Paizo, and exceptional deference to the fans of Pathfinder, Goblinworks has set out to bring the glory of Pathfinder to a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

It doesn’t take long over on the Goblinworks blog to figure out their goal for Pathfinder Online is colossally ambitious–but with a successful Technology Demo under their belt the game has been green lit and will happen. Their Kickstarter drive is just to make it happen sooner and better–and of course get more fans/players involved in the game’s initial development.

More so than any other game I have personal experience with–and reminiscent of a sort of high fantasy Second Life if I understood what that game was correctly–Pathfinder Online seems set to be fundamentally defined by the players at every turn (which honestly I think is giving the lay public too much influence, but I was willing to put my money on being wrong about that).

I think it has a lot of potential, and if Goblinworks can meet the lofty objectives they have set for themselves–and their track record is already good–then this is definitely something any fantasy gamer should consider getting in on the ground floor of.

So get over to Pathfinder Online’s Kickstarter page and see how much you’d be willing to donate toward what could be the next big thing in fantasy gaming.

Lambda Creations

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Jul 18 2012

The website I wanted to feature this week is that of my friend, Andy Isbell, an artist, writer, programmer… Actually the closest I’m aware of to a personal acquaintance who literally does everything. His website, Lambda Creations, reflects that well.

The site is very neatly laid out with links to his artwork, articles, written work and space holders for more like graphic novels as he completes them. He’s a very passionate person, and I think that shines through in everything he does. The site itself is still sort of in a developmental state, but that means you can get fully caught up in relatively little time and then watch for his weekly updates (Thursdays being his official update day).

There isn’t much else to say, except that no matter your interest there’s a decent chance there’s something for you over at Lambda Creations (or will be soon)–even if that thing is just the chance to see a modern renaissance man at work.

And now for the Q&A with Andy himself;

-How long has been on the internet?

-Since October of 2011.

-Do you have other sites your fans should know about?, my deviantart page

-What was your motivation for creating

-To have a place to put up all of my creations and post my thoughts about creating art and literature in general.

-What would you most like to happen with in the next year?

-I have a couple projects in the works, one which would be a chronicle of a world that’s semi-real, and then I’d love to set it up so commissions could be done in an easy format.

-Is there anything else readers should know about you or your website?

-I update on Thursdays, even though moving slowed me down for two weeks. Don’t be shy to leave comments on whatever!


Super Flash Fiction

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Jul 06 2012

Things have been rather messy on this end, and getting back on top of things after a vacation is more work than I’d remembered. So here we have an Other Web Wednesday post, going up on a Friday–but perhaps this is appropriate since it is also a bit of a forecast.

Today I want to feature John B. Badd’s Super Flash Fiction project which will produce its first issue in October–leaving those of us with a creative bent a little time left to get in on the ground floor of what I think is a very cool idea. These days I think most of us know about Super Heroes and Comic Books, and even if you don’t follow them you’d probably be able to identify some of their tropes, peculiarities and ways of being.

The aim of Super Flash Fiction is to collect 500 word or less stories and artwork that embrace these genre traits to construct compelling narratives. It’s going to be a free e-magazine, which unless we help them out on Kickstarter will mean no pay for the contributors. Pay or no pay I think this is a great thing to get behind, and I for one will be pushing to get my work into as many issues as possible. But then I’ve always been a fan of the heroic, fantastic or just otherwise awesome.

So follow the links to Super Flash Fiction and its Kickstarter page, and contribute what you can to this awesome endeavor. Next week I hope to be back with a full regular 3 posts, as I should now be back on top of my own work. For now I leave you with the words of John B. Badd himself.


Super Flash Fiction is a concept that was brought into existence in February of 2012. I had been writing flash fiction stories to sharpen my writing skills and began playing with superhero stories out of love of the genre. I thought, “This is really fun, I bet other writers would enjoy writing superhero flash fiction as well,” and the concept took hold. After toying with the idea, throwing it around my social networks and receiving positive feedback, I decided to turn it into a free e-magazine.


I did not want to seem like I was limiting the magazine to superhero only stories so I called it comic-genre flash fiction. I posted the idea on LinkedIn on some of the comic book pages and began getting criticism from artist because I was calling it comic-book genre flash fiction and there was no art. So I immediately decided there has to be action art involved and then I started calling it superhero-genre flash fiction to avoid confusion.


Despite calling the flash fiction “superhero genre” our magazines requirements are way more open than this label implies. All we are looking for is flash fiction about extraordinary characters in a modern day earth environment. This can involve normal humans doing feats that push their limits or it can involve science fiction and/or fantasy filled stories. The only limit is the imagination of the creators.


We want our art to have action. This means we do not want pictures of costumed men flexing for the camera or women in their underwear and a cape in provocative positions. We want people doing what makes them special. Anyone can be a poser, only a hero can save a life, deflect an explosion or smash the bad guys. So when we say we want action art we really mean we don’t want pics of posers.


Super Flash Fiction is going to be a quarterly E-magazine and each issue will feature stories and art. We also plan on including interviews with writers and artist, features, special interest articles and contest.


Right now we are not paying for the stories or art that is contributed to our book. Nor are we making any money off of them. It is our goal to eventually pay for the submissions that we print but this will only be possible if we receive a boost from crowd funding or if we gain a large enough readership that we can sell advertising in our pages. When you read our Super Flash Fiction we want the impact to be immediate in a quality whiskey sort of way. Think of it as doing shots of fantasy. You can take it in one fiery swig, or you can put it on ice, sip it and enjoy the flavors.


Super Flash Fiction is the first publication of my multi-media company known as Badd Words LLC. I do not know what our next project will be but we have several short and long term goals that include publishing novels, comic books, other magazines and eventually producing some movies and games. We are new to the industry so I am under stating our progress when I say we are taking baby steps.


“Always in motion the future is.” – Master Yoda


Thank you for reading,


John B Badd – editor

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Like us on Facebook at!/SuperFlashFiction

Second Dice Games Retrospective

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Jun 13 2012

So I’m setting this review of ‘Timony Souler’s Dice Games from last week in advance to post as a sort of ‘Other Web Wednesday’ for the week since it does mention and link to other sites those of a reading or writing bent may wish to check out. I’ll already be out of town until late the 22nd by the time this goes up, so I want to mention that I commented in response to every entry from this round of the Dice Games I could find–so if I didn’t comment on one of yours that means I didn’t see it and would appreciate you posting a link to it in the comments section.

You can jump back to read my entries from the beginning by following the link to my adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.


‘Timony Souler: Our monthly challenge host, ‘Timony Souler invites us back into the dark and unexpected corners of her mind with this second installment of Dice Games—where we had to roll for each of our writing prompts from a list with some real oddities, as evidenced by the variety of stories that arose. My favorite of ‘Timony’s personal contributions this time was her second entry, Slaughter, because a great panicked atmosphere and Inquisitional overtones.

Lisa McCourt Hollar: Her impeccable writing gets you right into her characters’ heads, and doesn’t let you out no matter how much you want to escape. Honestly a lot of her stuff is too scary for me, but well worth checking out if you value good writing at all. If you also like horror than you may love Jezri’s Nightmares. I only found one entry for Dice Games, Perfect Strangers, but it’s one of my favorite things she’s written. When an author does horror so well, sometimes it’s nice to dislike the protagonist.

Stevie McCoy: A good friend and a good writer, host of the Tuesday Tales Blog Challenge, excellent community builder and all around versatile and impressive person. This time around she gave us proper vampires in tales of blood, hunger and amorality. My favorite was the first one though, Death Becomes You, because I can infer an incredible relationship between the vampire and her two victims.

Emilia Quill: An absolutely amazing fantasy author, who I’m actually hoping to do a short cross-over work with soon if both our schedules can clear up a bit. Her worlds and creatures are so rich and evocative, they really speak for themselves. So my favorite was her second entry because it captured both of those and told a genuinely awesome love story.

Julie Fisher: Though I only found one entry for this Dice Games, Julie delivers another dose of feel-good sentimentality with her entry. She does a great job of capturing the feelings in her scenes, and I’ll never complain about a piece that leaves me with a smile.

Lena Corazon: Lena’s an amazing writer and academic whose site regularly delivers everything from compelling fiction to insights into the craft and just generally fun reading. My favorite was definitely her second entry, Worthless?, for so many reasons—but just for here I’m going to say it’s because I am Gareth and love Serenity.

Meg McNulty: The weight of historical and cultural relevance behind Meg’s work guarantee a far deeper and richer experience from reading her work than would otherwise be possible within the word count. My favorite was her third entry, Achilles’ Choice, because it really gets into the myth and history that make Meg’s work so rich while also humanizing the characters through their choice and actions. That and I love Odysseus.

Toxic Musings

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May 31 2012

Front page updates will remain irregular here through June, as evidenced by this Other Web Wednesday post on a Thursday.

This week’s highlight is the blog of the lovely ‘Timony Souler, Toxic Musings. I’m going to cut right to a whole block of links, so get ready to follow the ones that interest you. Why? Because ‘Timony Souler is the one who initially got me hooked on blog challenges, and I still love hers for bringing together the sites of the challengers with a common theme and a whole lot of camaraderie as everyone visits everyone else’s sites for the duration of the challenge.

‘Timony challenges archived on this site thanks to my having participated in them include; The Seven Sins, Seven Virtues, Ghouls Galore, the initial Dice Games, Antimony Antics, Divine Hell, Resolution Confusion, Dear Valentine, and March Madness blog challenges.

After a brief absence, ‘Timony has returned with a brand new Dice Games challenge–which starts this coming Monday so make sure to sign up now for some awesome fiction and increased site traffic! I know I’ll be taking part.

‘Timony as a writer shows a lot of versatility and sincerity to her work that make her both enviable and relatable at the same time. I’ve missed her occasionally dark but always clever flashes and turns of phrase recently, but look forward to getting reaquainted with her unique voice and brilliant community she attracts to her.

And now I leave you with the interview portion and ‘Timony’s own words.

-How long has been on the internet?

I’ve been blogging since January 2010, I started off over on Blogger and moved to WordPress in December 2011.

-Do you have other sites your fans should know about?

You can find more of my writing at and

-What was your motivation for creating ?

I started blogging as a way to share, and improve, my writing. It’s been great fun, and I’ve met some fantastic people. Hosting blog writing challenges was something I started in the summer of 2011, and I love it.

-What would you most like to happen with in the next year?

I’m not really sure! I’d love to go back to hosting monthly blog challenges, get new people to take part in them and build up my readership. Oh, and write more stories.

-Is there anything else readers should know about you or your website?

I can’t think of anything interesting or witty to say – but if anyone has anything they’d like to know they can email me at

‘Timony x

Glitter Word

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May 23 2012

I initially found Stevie McCoy’s site, Glitter Word,  because she’s a personal friend of mine, but became a regular visitor for the quality of the writing. She crafts compelling, character driven, stories from her flash fiction on the site to her longer works which can also be found online–even in her more fantastic scenarios of angels and demons having a reality to her characters and their emotions that is deeply relatable.

I even had the privilege of being a peer-reader while she was first writing her Angel of Tears Young Adult Novel.

In keeping with the previous two Other Web Wednesday entries, part of why I’m featuring Stevie’s site now rather than later is that she hosts on her blog a weekly flash fiction competition called Tuesday Tales. Competitors get 100 words to tie together a prompt word and image in an award worthy tale, and thanks to Stevie’s excellent promotion of the competition it’s one of the busier weekly challenges I take part in. The competition is stiff, but that makes it a great learning opportunity both for really stretching your craft and observing others doing the same.

Not to mention the occasional presence of special judges who have offered such mouth-watering prizes as publication of the winner’s entry in Haunted Waters Press, which will likely get its own Other Web Wednesday at some point. Stevie’s built up a great community around Tuesday Tales, and her site is another place I highly recommend going for a quick writing fix.

At this point you may already know the interview questions from the previous Other Web Wednesday entries, so I surrender the end of this post to The Glitterlady, Stevie McCoy, herself.


Glitterword has been around since November of 2010 but I didn’t start up #tuesdaytales until August of 2011 and it’s been on every Tuesday since it’s inception.

My motivation for starting Glitterword was to create a place where I can go to practice and challenge my writing but I didn’t want to do it alone. So I opened the pixelated door for other like minded writers to join me in flexing their fingers and their minds with a photo + word prompt. I do plan on expanding my posts to promoting writers and their work by reviewing their work and doing interviews. I hope to have that up and running sometime this summer.


Us writers tend to be reserved in our own little worlds made out of our imaginations and a little creative magic. It’s inspiring and motivating to be cheered and assisted by other writers to continue the craft. The mini victories received by fellow writers helps make the inevitable rejections we will receive in our writing careers bearable and taken as a cue to improve instead of a cue to lie down and stick the paper where the sun don’t shine. Like a wise man once said, “I write one page of masterpiece to ninety one pages of shit” – Hemingway


I’m currently looking for recently published (self or traditional) authors to be featured on my blog for interviews and book reviews as well as guest bloggers. If anyone is interested in being put on the block I prefer being initially contacted on Twitter @theglitterlady or even respond to my call for submission post on my site!


To the mini Victories that keep us going!

Wakefield Mahon

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May 16 2012

This Other Web Wednesday I’m featuring a site that I go to every week, but am ashamed to say I have yet to make a really thorough exploration of. Wakefield Mahon writes poetry, code, music and verse, makes videos and likely has even more talents I’m unaware of. What I do know is that he is an excellent flash-fiction writer, and host of the Motivation Monday blog challenge.

Wakefield is a student of stories, and knows the craft well across mediums and genres–so there’re are a lot of gems to find on his site, from his poetry to flash fiction posted to various challenges and collected on the site. I love his characters and relationships, and you can tell he knows what he’s doing from the way he brings things together.
So I am very excited to read his novel, “Jade Dreams” as soon as I get some time together. I’ve had my copy maybe a little too long without reading it, but it is finally at the top of my To-Read-List and I couldn’t be more excited. By Wakefield’s own description “Jade Dreams is a 33,000 word middle grade fantasy that uses anime, martial arts and magic to explore the ideas of multiculturalism, spirituality and identity.”
All things that I love and trust him to deliver brilliant. Also, I believe the actual legend of Mulan is involved in the story–which as much as I enjoyed the Disney Movie the real legend is much more exciting to me.

Now for the interview portion;

-How long has been on the internet?
The current incarnation of has been on the internet for two years.  I’ve had some form of web presence for most of the last twenty years.

-Do you have other sites your fans should know about?
I have a youtube site where I occasionally put up music videos and cartoon shorts:

-What was your motivation for creating ?
Originally, I put up the website to share my poetry and what I’ve learned in pursuing a semi-professional writing career.  Once I discovered writing challenges, I had to create one of my own and Motivation Mondays was born.

-What would you most like to happen with in the next year?
I’m hoping to expand Motivation Mondays.  We’ll have guest judges and I’m hoping to add some prizes and even create a separate website.

-Is there anything else readers should know about you or your website?
I’m currently working on two novels and over a hundred short stories.

Defiantly Literate

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May 09 2012

This week for Other Web Wednesday I’m examining the writing repository of Cara Michael’s, author and host of the Menage Monday blog challenge I participate in weekly,

I’m featuring Challenge Hosts first, in case any of you fellow writers are looking for a place to learn and grow with the writing community while also strutting your creative stuff. These blog challenges have been the best thing for my writing since my professor my first year of college told me I should try writing scripts.

The fun of Menage Monday is the interweaving of three prompts; a picture, a phrase to be included in your text, and a prompt chosen by the week’s judge–all of which must be incorporated within a 200 word story. Having three prompts, and the judges’ prompts can sometimes be unexpected, can allow for some very creative connections and fun both reading and writing entries. Also the competition features recognition of a Judge’s Pet as well as an overall Winner, along with Honorable Mentions, so your odds of achieving recognition are better than some competitions.

Next we have Cara’s own writing–which I am ashamed to say that I am very behind on reading. Her flash pieces are fully good enough to be a regular contender in the many challenges we both take part in–though as host she is of course ineligible for Menage Monday–and often weave into the world of “Gaia’s Chosen“, her science-fiction novel being released for download in segments.

I’ve only read the first segment, “Mayday Directive”, but Cara presents a smart character driven future world–both believable from the direction of real world science and celebratory of the fantastic elements that make epics like Star Wars so darn fun to experience (future swords!). Her writing is sleek and very sexy, so be warned if sexy isn’t your thing that Cara delivers it very well–even when she’s being subtle about it.

Now from Cara herself;

-How long has been on the internet?

Since March 2011. I’d started and abandoned blogs before. This is the one that stuck. I based the name on one of my favorite chronic misspellings on the web: defiantly / definitely. Usually I see ‘defiantly’ when the writer means ‘definitely’, but I’ve spotted my blog as ‘Definitely Literate’ in a couple places and it always makes me laugh.

-Do you have other sites your fans should know about?

My main site is All the really big news goes here… at least when I remember to update it, lol. I don’t rate a webmaster to take on those duties yet. I’m also on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

-What was your motivation for creating ?

At the time, I did it because it seems like writers are supposed to have a blog in this day and age. I didn’t have any expectations of having 150+ posts a little over a year later. I’ve grown to love my blog and I’m super pleased to offer content and challenges interesting enough to keep people coming back each week.

-What would you most like to happen with in the next year?

Between #MenageMonday and #WIP500, I’m plenty busy on the challenge front, so primarily, I’m wanting to add more book-related content (character bios, timelines, and such). I think any blog host hopes to see their visitor activity increase, too.

-Is there anything else readers should know about you or your website?

I’m just getting started, so check in often for updates.


And that’s another Other Web Wednesday. Feel free to check out the collection by clicking on the tag at the bottom of this post, or searching for it in the Search bar at the top of the right hand navigation bar. Also if you can think of questions for the websites I feature that I haven’t let me know in a comment and I’ll take care of it.

I should hopefully have things set up to make Other Web Wednesday a more regular feature now.

Rebecca Clare Smith’s Journal

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Apr 18 2012

Alright, for my first real “Other Web Wednesday” I’ve decided to highlight the website of fellow writer Rebecca Clare Smith, By her own description Rebecca is a “UK writer of urban fantasy & the county’s youngest lollipop lady. Life is reading, writing, 5 cats & 2 Westies.”

I met Rebecca through the blog challenges of mutual writer-friend ‘Timony Souler, the 7 Sins Challenge specifically. She has an excellent grasp on the fantastic and magical, which she deftly weaves into contemporary settings so as to present our world with a much needed fantasy finish. Her writing engages the senses brilliantly and even her shortest stories achieve an enviable level of immersion.

Lately she’s taken up hosting her own weekly Blog Challenge, the #SatSunTails, and that is the reason I ultimately decided hers needed to be the first website I highlighted on an Other Web Wednesday. I participate in several weekly challenges at this point and have met a lot of writers and truly honed my skills–even I can tell the difference–and there are far more challenges than those I participate in. Rebecca’s challenge stands out from all the others not because of the Winner and Three Honorable Mentions, but because of the Three Critiques–three entries each week that didn’t make the cut in the judge’s book, which the judge takes the time to explain why the entry fell short in their estimation.

Not going to find a better place to hone your craft than that–plus the exacting word-count and integration of a text and picture prompt are exactly the sort of thing that’s improved my writing by observing in other competitions.

On to the Interview;

-How long has been on the internet?

It’s been on the ‘net about 2-3 years, give or take a few months, now.

-Do you have other sites your fans should know about?

No. Most of my online writing is on my blogspot; though I do partake in microfiction competitions on other sites. I do, however, have plenty of social media profiles such as facebook and twitter, which always help to let people know when some of my new flash fiction pieces are up or the weekend SatSunTails competition is on.

-What was your motivation for creating

Originally, the site was just going to be a journal to help me get things off my chest. Eventually it evolved into a collection of my thoughts, fiction pieces and poetry, but with all the microfiction competitions opening up I figured that I’d like to do one too. Nevertheless, I didn’t want mine to be like all of the others. I wanted it to give people the chance to see where they had gone wrong and why they hadn’t managed to win or get an honourable mention.

-What would you most like to happen with in the next year?

More visitors is always a hope, but I’d like the SatSunTails competition to get a bit more interest too.

-Is there anything else readers should know about you or your website?

There are several ways to follow the site, if readers want either regular updates or to show their support. Obviously they can join my facebook fan page or follow me on twitter or google+, but there are follow counters and feed trackers on the site that will send notifications straight to your email to let you know.

Other Web Wednesday

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Apr 11 2012

I had a thought that may delay the actual first real post of Other-Web Wednesday (where I visit other sites on the internet and talk about them back on this one), but maybe you can  weigh in with your thoughts on my thought.

The thought is maybe making this a more explicit opportunity for the originators of sites I consider worth visiting to do some self-promotion in the form of a brief interview posted along with my observations about their content. No idea if I could get people to talk about their own website for a post on mine, but it seems like the odds would be favorable. Any questions you’d like to see in such an interview?

Right now I’m thinking;

-How long has [website in question] been on the internet?

-Do you have other sites your fans should know about?

-What was your motivation for creating [website in question]?

-What would you most like to happen with [website in question] in the next year?

-Is there anything else readers should know about you or your website?

I think it’s probably too short notice to expect a response to something like this today (plus if I’m introducing you to some of my favorite websites I would like to know what you readers would like to hear from their creators about).