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Jan 16 2012

We actually got snow this winter! Oh, and the new Lost Girls’ Society page is up and accessible via Pages navigation to the right or from the Lost Girls’ Society main story page above or to the right. Still a lot of things I need to get done, but it is looking like I’ll be totally back on top of things by February.

Anyway, the Friday posts this month have been replaced by Thursday postings for the Nightgale blog challenge–the calendar in the side-bar can be a great resource if you’re looking for a front-page post and know what day it was, or alternatively want to see what was posted on a particular day. Hovering your cursor over one of the blue numbers will show you what was posted that day, clicking on a blue number will take you to that day.

Things like Niar Saga and Lost Girls’ Society don’t appear in the calendar (except for the Wednesday postings that don’t contribute directly to the main narrative) but should be easier to navigate thanks to having their main pages linked at the top of the site and convenient Previous/Next links on each page.

Hopefully some of you are familiar with both Niar Saga and Lost Girls’ Society, because the next several polls relate to both stories–though feel free to take your best guess even if you don’t know, poll votes are the next best things to comments in terms of knowing I have engaged readership.

Have Yourself a Little Friday

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Dec 02 2011

Sorry for the mess if you’ve noticed it, just kidding if you haven’t. November was a very busy month for me, but in spite of abstaining from my usual blog challenge activities I don’t seem to have finished the award winning Sci-Fi movie script I’d meant to get done… In fact the beginning went rough enough that I’m anticipating an even harsher editing process–though at least it’s finally picking up steam now that I’m getting into the character relationships that were my actual interest in writing the story.

Preliminary analysis? I probably have too much scene-setting in the beginning. Which makes sense, but is still hard to realize that opening with action isn’t necessarily a good hook if that action isn’t necessary to the story. Ah, the difference between “cool” and “worth-having-in-the-movie”…

The new Lost Girls’ Society Post (11H) is now up and accessible via the Pages Navigation to the right or the main Lost Girls’ Society story page. I realize I’m terribly behind on the images for the site, which is another thing I meant to get done in November but didn’t. I can promise there’ll be a front-page post when I get all of that sorted out.

Now on to the Polls; the last poll was about whether or not it would be worth delving into any of the Lost Girls’ individual stories in novel form. There was actually rather little interest expressed in getting Audrey’s story, virtually none in Nadine or Horera’s–and only barely enough for some sort of novel involving all three of them. Of course, Lost Girls’ Society is the shared story between the three of them–so I’m going to hold off on writing a novel of all three girls until we’re closer to the end of Lost Girls’ Society. Maybe your interest in seeing them together will be sated by then, as in all I do believe Lost Girls’ Society will be a very complete story.

In the event that it’s not I may have an additional Poll at that time to see what you are interested in for the ongoing adventures of the Lost Girls.

And now Marshintire's adorable concept sketch for the Plant Daemons.




Now, on the topic of getting back into blog challenges; Lady Antimony’s DivineHell begins on December 5–the last day for submissions to Fairies of Terra if you want your fairy to appear in Lost Girls’ Society. And note that Fairies of Terra is now linked from the Lost Girls’ Society main page for your convenience.


Anyway, my story about Lara finding her grandmother’s ring, and Lady Martel, seemed surprisingly well received… Unless Shazia and Antimony were just being nice by saying they wanted to read more. Either way, I’m moving forward with the idea that there’s actually interest in the story which was an unplanned sequel to a different story that I’d been thinking would sit on my back-burner for the foreseeable future.

So the plan is to tie my entries for DivineHell into Lara’s story when I post them next week. Similar to my Dark Hunters Trilogy into which readers were given windows by my first blog challenges with Lady Antimony, only unlike the Dark Hunters, this particular story will not be collected or explained on a neat story page like the Dark Hunters, I won’t even explicitly call attention to the name/initials of the story and maintain plausible deny-ability regarding the existence of this particular one.

Why? Because if and when it does finally reach its final form it will belong to a wholly different body of work than the rest of what I post on this site. And that’s all I’m saying on that.

Another Monday: Late November

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Nov 28 2011

The new Lost Girls’ Society page is up and accessible via the Pages navigation to the right or from the main Lost Girls’ Society story page–above or to the right. And of course welcome to any new readers, I suggest you start with either the Lost Girls’ Society or Niar Saga main story page since the stories are the point of this site. Niar Saga is complete while Lost Girls’ Society is still ongoing–and you have to put up with my art rather than the Marvelous Marshintire’s with Niar Saga. Pretty much anything else you’d need to know to decide if the story is for you is on the main story page.

Quick update on the current poll and how I’m planning to use the information I get from it; you are allowed to select up to three choices before hitting the vote button–it’s like getting 3 votes only you aren’t allowed to put them all in the same place. If an option gets 5 or more votes that’s the threshold I decided for this one that would indicate sufficient interest to be worth my time. So right now only one Lost Girls’ Society novel is approaching that threshold, and that would be a single novel involving all three girls. If I do end up doing one of these it’ll be a full length novel and for sale–potentially in a downloadable e-book format, but who knows? Maybe Lost Girls’ Society will actually land on store shelves somewhere.

Also, some exciting news, a submission has finally been made to Fairies of Terra–and I’d like to reiterate that the top three submissions will be featured in Lost Girls’ Society with speaking lines for first place, by name identification for first and second places, and presence in the scene for third place.

Otherwise, I’ve been out of the blog challenge scene all month trying to get caught up on my own work… But maybe the holidays aren’t such a good time to get caught up on stuff? I haven’t made the progress I’d like so far and am not sure I actually even got more work done than months when I was participating in Menage Monday and Tuesday Tales. So I guess either way the plan is to get back into blog-challenges come December and if I’m still behind on my goals trying taking them out of sleeping or eating or something else trivial.

Also I’m so sorry to those whose sites I normally read that I haven’t been to in a while. Some weekend I am going to just chain myself to my computer and do a marathon catch-up session. Though thank you to those who’ve taken the time to stop by and even better comment on this site–I cannot express how deeply appreciated that is.


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Nov 04 2011

Wow, completely spaced out on scheduling the new Lost Girls’ Society post for this morning. Sorry about that, it’s up now. On a related topic, those of you who follow my excursions into blog challenges may or may not be disappointed to find out I’m going to be sitting out of those for November at least. Too much stuff going on with my own work right now to be able to give such challenges the time and consideration I would want to.

Though for anyone interested in flexing their creative muscles here on my site, I’m going to be incorporating some opportunities to interact with the world of Lost Girls’ Society starting on Monday.

Otherwise my time is being filled with maintaining this site, writing and re-writing scripts for next year’s PAGE competition, writing and reading for my Childrens’ Institute of Literature correspondence course, volunteering with 2 (soon to be 3) different groups and of course still searching futilely for paid employment.

Interesting update on the polls on the site though; although the previous one about Audrey and current one about Nadine are intended to influence the course of Lost Girls’ Society, the majority have actually voted in both cases for no change. Of course this one isn’t over yet and the last one was close.

Until Monday then, have a good weekend, all!

Happy Halloween!

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Oct 31 2011

How cool that Halloween came on one of my regular posting days, eh? Lost Girls’ Society continues as normal, and the current poll closes around 1pm today–fortunately the tie is broken for now.

And now a parting shot from Kerri’s Creatures–I encourage you to go back and check out the others here on the main page as well as Lady Antimony’s Ghouls Galore Challenge that inspired them.

I know, it’s not that good–but hopefully still entertaining?

Blog Challenges

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Oct 24 2011

The new Lost Girls’ Society post, Nadine’s 7th page, is now up and accessible via the Pages navigation to the right or from the Lost Girls’ Society main story page above or to the right. If you’re new to the site I suggest starting from either Lost Girls’ Society or Niar Saga at the top or the right. The main story pages collect the entries in order and give you an introduction to the stories–as well as linking additional material like the Wednesday flash-fictions.

Looking ahead briefly I thought I’d give you an idea of a few special items coming to the site in the near future (no not the gallery update, that’s coming but it shouldn’t count as special no matter how late I am getting to it). I’m thinking of starting a Monday Miscellany feature on the site which will allow for the Monday home-page updates to at times break the typical mold of the site in small ways.

The first Monday Miscellany you can look forward to is a Kerri’s Creatures Comic on Halloween, October 31st. I had no idea Kerri would get her story developed the way this month has done for her, thanks to Lady Antimony‘s Ghouls Galore blog challenge and a special Extended Edition of Tuesday Tales. Then coming in November I intend to use Monday Miscellany to actually get some reader interaction with the worlds of Lost Girls’ Society–so get ready for it and tell your friends, going to want writers, readers and anyone with any interest in creativity. Until then please note the current poll, and the one that will follow it, in the sidebar will in fact impact the course of Lost Girls’ Society.

On the topic of blog challenges and creativity, I thought I should mention a few I’m part of that you really should check out if you want to flex your writing muscles, join amazing online communities of writers, or even just find a reliable source of good weekly reading.

There is of course Lady Antimony herself, the first blog challenger I became involved with. Every month since the first Seven Sins challenge with her she’s provided further opportunity for writers to come together and tackle common prompts. Ghouls Galore, the seed for Kerri’s Creatures, is the October challenge and worth hunting down the other entries.

Then on Mondays we have Cara Michaels‘ Menage Monday challenges–three part prompt and 200 words with again a great community of regulars that is still growing. Every Monday you can submit your brilliance to her site in the comments and be recognized by other authors, or just stop by and read some amazing flash fiction.

And on Tuesdays there’s The Glitterlady‘s now (or soon to be) legendary Tuesday Tales. Really amazing how rapidly that community has grown. You get 100 words, so it’s quick, but everyone makes their words count so I never envy the guest judges.

I know there’s more great blog challenges out there, in fact I think there’s a Week in Flash or something like that with challenges every day of the week, but these are all the more I can juggle on top of my other activities. Feel free to check them out or link to your favorite blog challenges in comments.

Another Monday

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Aug 29 2011

The new Lost Girls’ Society page is now up and accessible via the Lost Girls’ Society main story page or the Pages navigation to the right.

Also I’ve been really excited to watch the current poll–really neck-and-neck with Modern setting pulling out a surprise lead over the previous reigning fantasy options! Also we finally have the 10 votes in a single poll that I said would be the criteria for putting up a poll archive on the site. So doing that and getting the gallery back up to date are my projects for the site this week.

See you again Wednesday with the next LGS Flash Fiction!

August Month

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Aug 05 2011

Now’s a good time to get caught up on Niar Saga if you’ve perhaps fallen behind or are new to the site. Go ahead and click the link to the main story page at the top or the right, or jump right in at Level 1 or where-ever you left off. Tomorrow, the 6th, is the last Character Epilogue for Niar Saga and also the last page associated with the story I will write for this site.

So the poll to the right for Favorite Character is the last Niar Saga poll on the site, and it closes on August 17th. So even if you’re not totally caught up, don’t miss the chance to cast a vote for your favorite character–because the opportunity to be THE favorite character in Niar Saga would be huge for any of them and whether they’d ask for your votes themselves or not you can be sure they all want them.

Then there’s the matter of Lady Antimony’s 7 Holy Virtues Blog Challenge. Time’s running out to sign up, because posting starts this Sunday, August 7th.

And finally after a week of Virtuous posts in the Dark Hunter setting you can look forward to the priemere of Lost Girls’ Society on this site Monday, August 15th. The same day I hear if Yuki is still in the running in this year’s PAGE competition.

An August month indeed. (oh, and my birthday’s in there somewhere too… wonder how old I am now?)

End of Phase

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Jun 27 2011

Vixie level 24 is now up and accessible via the Pages navigation to the right–and the link will be added to the Niar Saga main story page by tonight. Anyone new to the site should start at Level 1 though, since the story really is the draw for this site. This is the last week in the Travel On Phase of Niar Saga.

My buffer is currently very small, but at least I do have one. I’m hoping to have the entire rest of Niar Saga in my buffer by the end of this week or next so that no matter what comes up the updates will continue regularly with Story updates at 10am on Mondays and Fridays. As far as what might come up? Well I’m pursuing job leads from the Bartending Academy with great hopefulness. Oh, and now that we’ve passed 6,000 Page Views its time to post another About Page for another of my stories… Hhmm, not sure which one to do now though–the current and developed ones are already up so this will either have to not be current or not be developed.

Please if you get a chance vote in the poll to the right, and finally I have a question to pose to any up for answering–you can leave responses by commenting at the bottom of this post.

Context: On Wednesdays I post character and setting info for Niar Saga to supplement the Monday/Friday story posts.
Question: Is there still anyone or anywhere you want to hear about this Wednesday?

I don’t really know what to do this week. You can see the previous character and setting posts linked at the very bottom of the Niar Saga main story page.

Bartending and Updates

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Jun 24 2011

Rolling right along with Naomi Level 23 continued, accessible via the Pages navigation below the polls to the right and later tonight on the Niar Saga main story page (above or to the right) as well. Anyone new to the site, there’s a lot to see here but the important thing is the story–Niar Saga–which you can follow in order from the Niar Saga main story page or by simply starting at Level 1 and going in order.

By the time this update posts I should be well into my final exam at the Tacoma Bartending Academy. Not too worried about the written part, but I’m really hoping I don’t space on any of the drink recipes during the practical. 12 drinks in 7 minutes, should be easy but I’ve missed more often than not while practicing this week. I think I’ve got it now, but still a bit nervous.

Keeping up with this and bartending (which will hopefully continue to be a problem in the form of a job once the class is over) has really been taxing for me and anyone who follows the rest of my online presence (Deviant Art, Facebook and to a less impacted degree Twitter) has probably noticed that I’ve been behind in the rest of my activities. I haven’t had time to play D&D Online in two weeks, I haven’t made my Monday Posts to Deviant Art (mostly higher-resolution spiffed up versions of the art from this site, but I haven’t even had time to do that) or my witty movie quote adaptations to Facebook in just as long.

The good news for anyone who does follow or has some interest in the rest of my online dealings is that even if I (crossing my fingers) remain as busy after graduating the academy (also crossing my fingers) I am starting to get things nicely lined up for having a real honest to goodness buffer of self-posting updates for this site, and once I have that the rest should be a breeze. Right now I need to focus on finishing Niar Saga and getting it all cued up to post itself complete with art, and then once I have a good start on the next story the pressure should decrease considerably and my other activities should return to their normal levels.

By the way, please vote in the poll! There are no wrong answers and the question only applies to you in reference to however much of the story you have read. You’re not necessarily expected to be up to date, just to voice an opinion–not even a commitment. The last poll was more popular than the polls have been in a while, so let’s keep that rolling.