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They Always Travel in Packs

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Nov 12 2018

Here’s one I wasn’t expecting, I got another Thursday Threads Honorable Mention! How cool is that? Check out the prompt and other entries over at Siobhan’s Blog, or go straight to the winner’s post for the judge’s insights and the winning tale! I’m glad I got back into Flash Fiction, even just sticking to my entries that get recognized is giving me new content for this site until I sort out a longer term plan like Niar Saga or Lost Girls’ Society from before. Without further ado, here is a tale from my New Team Neoshieldfront continuity in 249 words;

Lucy squeezed the grip of her dagger, senses scouring the field for what had set her on edge. The air was fresh, the sky blue and the birds were singing. So many damn birds. Most of her tribe liked to brag about how tough you had to be to live in the desert; but it seemed much tougher to her to live in this pastoral setting.

It was the grass. The grass had set her off, again. Lucy sheathed her dagger with an angry sigh. She trained her skills to a razor edge, able to detect every foe even in perfect darkness. Being so completely surrounded by living things was unnerving. What was the point of so much life?

If Lucy could best her mother or her father in combat she could ascend to command of the tribe. She was sick of waiting. She had thought her father would be the easier option, softened by years of plenty. But she’d barely had a moment alone with him.

She dropped her face into her hands despairingly as the stampede of footsteps broke into the grass line. A chorus of voices shouted her name over and over. Then they had surrounded her. They always travel in packs.

“Lucy!” the eldest of this pack declared. “Our moms said you can take us down to the swimming hole!”

The greatest warrior of her generation knew when she set out that she had a lot of half siblings; but this was just too much.

LGS meets TNSF

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Dec 21 2011

This concerns a hypothetical cross-over-sequel between Lost Girls’ Society and another of my stories about a similarly aged group of boys called Team Neoshieldfront.

And of course you can use the links at the top of the page to reach the Lost Girls’ Society or Niar Saga main story pages and catch up a bit on your reading–or follow the Pages navigation to the right to reach a specific entry. Now’s a good time to catch up on Lost Girls’ Society since it’s taking the week off.

Lost Girls’ Society meets Team Neoshieldfront

Across an innumerable multitude of worlds, and from an infinite and scattered populace, what is it that brings certain individuals together? What was it that united the girls who formed the Lost Girls’ Society in their shared dream, in spite of coming from distant worlds barely resembling one another?

How did the boys of Team Neoshieldfront end up on the same spaceship from different worlds—bound to save a world none of them had heard of before embarking?

And what would happen if Team Neoshieldfront were to meet up with the Lost Girls’ Society in their dream-garden? What could prompt such a meeting? These are the questions behind this theoretical crossing of two of my different storylines—which in themselves are blends of other component stories.

Toby Maguire: Leader of Team Neoshieldfront, 17 year old Toby is the oldest but tries not to let that get in his way. An impeccable swordsmaster Toby is capable of teasing out secret techniques embedded within any blade forged with intention. Blades aren’t Toby’s only tools however, as he also relies on keen tactical insight to match his side’s strengths against his enemies’ weaknesses.
Strong of character and confidence, Toby always looks forward though can at times struggle in interactions with those who aren’t as forward oriented.

Nadine Foster: Unofficial Leader of the Lost Girls’ Society, 14 year old Nadine Foster has a lot in common with her Team Neoshieldfront counterpart, Toby. Both are excellent fighters and strategists who have upheld the considerable fame of their fathers, and both know that the secret to success is to believe in yourself. Nadine is better-rounded than Toby however, with developed skills across a range of situations from melee to ranged combat and survival to craft.
Whatever position needs filling Nadine stands ready to leap into it, always with an eye toward achieving optimal results with the rest of her team’s abilities.

Kid Rune: Alex “Kid Rune” Silverman is the 16 year old spell-caster for Team Neoshieldfront. His arcane abilities defy even Audrey’s understanding of magic, achieving a versatile range of effects beyond any precedent in Fantasia. In many ways Kid Rune’s versatility is his trademark, as he is naturally talented in everything from weapons to athletics to magic and technology. If he has a weakness it’s that his natural breadth of ability has split his focus in developing his skills.
Kid Rune’s actions come from his heart and he naturally gets along with nearly everyone he meets, living to help others.

Audrey Prince: 16 year old Audrey Prince started as a wallflower book-worm in London before blossoming into one of the most powerful wizards in Fantasia and establishing herself as spell-caster for the Lost Girls’ Society. Her love of books only accelerated her mastery of the arcane arts, and her deep focus on study has left her power level far in excess of Kid Rune’s—able to shift the very heavens on a whim. In spite of her phenomenal power, Audrey remains most comfortable with reality expressed in formulas and laws—even if those laws are riddled with clauses and exceptions allowing great power to those who know them.
Audrey’s actions come from her head, and where matters of the heart are concerned she is more comfortable trusting in her friends than herself.

Lunk Lunkenheimer: At 15, Lunk Lunkenheimer is the bright and youthful berserker for Team Neoshieldfront. Lunk is very experience oriented, living in the moment and seeking excitement in any form. Possessing boundless strength and endurance, Lunk can be both an unpredictable and unstoppable force—showing remarkable ability to accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Whereas Horera skews more toward ‘cute’ in her spontaneity, Lunk’s actions often fall more on the ‘weird’ side of the line.
Lunk lives to have fun, and in fact considers fun so important as to be something worth fighting for. Dictators and despots beware, Lunk stands for the fun of all people.

Horera Blackwell: The 13 year old dogling, Horera Blackwell is the berserker for the Lost Girls’ Society as well as the youngest of all. Part-dog and part-girl, Horera identifies strongly with both aspects of her identity and embodies simplicity, enthusiasm and loyalty. She quickly appraises new acquaintances, and those she deems friends she defends with her life. Horera lives for simple pleasures and is a natural conduit for happiness, when others are happy she’s happy—and when she’s happy it tends to make those around her happy too.
Horera’s strength and endurance far exceed anything suggested by her slight frame and small stature. In the harshest of conditions only Lunk could even possibly withstand as much punishment as Horera.