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Aug 07 2012

Well… I’m trying to write a novel this month on top of my normal load–but first I intend to finish the short-story in the setting I failed to finish in time for the Fantasy Anthology, may post it in pieces here while I’m working on the novel since I don’t know how or if I could find anywhere else to submit it with such a generous word count.

But I’m finding with the Olympics on in Prime Time I can’t get any work done in the evenings–I don’t even get to bed on time. So all that has led to a lack of updates here on the site–so I’m just going to go ahead and make if official that will not have regular updates again until a week after the Olympics–if you have time to check the site out it’s a good opportunity to catch up on old stories like Lost Girls’ Society, Niar Saga, or use the search bar to the right to dig for other things of potential interest.

Also note the orange RSS button next to the search bar. You can use that to sign up for notifications of when the site updates if being notified appeals to you.

I know, I’m no good at drawing volleyball–but as my sister observed Nadine and Horera could make a pretty good duo. Hope you’re all enjoying the Olympics as much as I am, and see you back soon.