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Last Post Before Challenge

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Aug 01 2011

So this week is dedicated to individual character Epilogues for the now complete Niar Saga. They will be posting as Level 29 of the story in order to keep things in order on the Pages navigation to the right, though these are just parting shots of the characters since the story itself really was done with Level 28. I will keep working to keep current Previous/Next links at the bottom of the story pages, though I do request some patience with that since I have to add them manually.

In other news, I started a game in Twilight Princess for the Wii, and that has regrettably consumed my life–I haven’t been this into a video-game in a long time, and there are a lot of pleasant reminders of Ocarina of Time. So that’s put me behind a few things I’d like to be more ahead on, but I’m optimistic about getting caught up this week. Since there will be an epilogue every day for the next 6 days including today the epilogues of Niar Saga will be a little bumpy for me, then we have a week of the 7 Holy Virtues blog challenge–see previous post–and then we get into the beginning of the Lost Girls’ Society.

Things will be busy on this end, but there’s a lot of opportunity to pick up momentum and then coast through the coming months if things go well. Anyway, the Epilogues will be posting as Pages in Niar Saga and there will be no further front-page posts until the Start of the 7 Holy Virtues Challenge.