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Character Wednesday

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Apr 06 2011

The sole survivor of a prominent Kakarus line of Demon Hunters, driven and sworn to purge all evil from the world or die trying. Andrew’s drive is singular and consuming, lending an intensity to his stoicism that sets him apart from Sheya’s more practical mindset. He wields the heirlooms Banisher and Oracle, relics of the Silver Temple that are together on par with Heaven’s Staff in power.
Brings to the Story – badassness, Andrew is the ass-kicker and shot-taker, he has specialized knowledge of fiends and the Oracle allows him to learn about enemies and situations in advance. Though Sheya can keep pace with him he is still clearly the best.
Brings to the Team – raw combat prowess with an emphasis on offense and physical power, as well as strong anti-fiend capabilities.
Wields – Banisher and Oracle, (has basic gear like dagger and stuff but not used in combat)
Primary Sense – Sight
Missions About- Vengeance, Andrew’s missions are about purging evil, nothing more or less

Hunter’s Sight – reveals invisible and disguised things.
Banisher – breaks through obstacles
Oracle – Finds special items and enemies

[so this is the first character Wednesday. Again feel free to comment with preferences for who or where you would like detailed next Wednesday. Andrew won the favorite character poll with twice as many votes as any other character, though I was happy to see everyone at least got on the board.]


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Mar 18 2011

Feanthar Level 9 Continued is finally up and accessible from the Page navigation to the right or Niar Saga main story page. Also the Poll comes down tomorrow to be replaced with a new one, so thanks to those who voted on this one. Not enough responses to merit an archive page of Poll responses, but I still appreciate the interaction.

Now here’s the funny news. After posting about what an inconvenience losing the internet was on Wednesday and saying that at least we didn’t lose power, the power went out on Thursday! After a few false starts the power did come back and stayed back, but as of my writing this the internet has not come back since the power outage. So I’m posting this update from a coffee shop.

On a sadly related note, the D&D Online Anniversary event is back on for about a week, and I was an even 2 minutes away from completing my best run of the event EVER, when the power went out and I lost everything. It was going to be epic and greatly enrich my characters’ combat potential with the items I was going to get for a run that was better than I realized it was even possible to do solo. But it wasn’t to be…

So here’s hoping we get internet back and actually keep it long enough for me to replicate that run. Otherwise thanks again for reading–I’m not even going to go into the scanner trouble I had getting the image for this update, just sometimes things are a lot harder than they need to be.

Completely Crossed Paths

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Mar 11 2011

Haha! Got the art done last night and I’ve still got a good writing buffer, so all I had to do was get up and post this morning! (I’m West Coast US)

So now Andrew Level 8 Continued is up and accessible via the Niar Saga main story page or the Pages navigation to the right. Also to the right is the current Poll, which I would love to get some more input on. It’s completely anonymous–even I don’t know who’s answered–and all you have to do is make a selection and then click Vote! You can also View Results if like me you’re curious how opinions run on the issue. I’m going to say we need at least 10 votes though before I’d even consider it worth adding an Archive for past polls–each poll only stays up around 2 weeks.

Back to the story, Andrew Level 8 Continued is the final installment of the Crossed Paths Phase of Niar Saga. By now I’m guessing a lot if not all of you know what the structure and pattern is to Niar Saga, so maybe you even have some idea how the next Phase will kick off on Monday.

One point I’d like some feedback on though is the art. This entry I took another shot at working with both Paint and Word to create an RPG-like battle scene–yeah, I don’t have any nice image processing software–and I think it came out much better than the last one (Sheya Level 6 for anyone who wants to go back and look). Still issues and complications with it since setting the transparent color in Word either doesn’t carry over to Paint or else makes white transparent too. So some ideas for how to fix that if there is a next time. But here’s a discussion topic; should there be a next time? Are these battle scenes at all interesting to anyone or should I stick to the normal art? Leave a comment with your opinion if you have time.

If you care these are the action bars I came up with for the POV characters for the battle scenes. The 5 options on each bar are; Special, Attack, Defend, Item and in the center Status.


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Feb 23 2011

As things come along here and the site starts becoming more connected to the rest of the internet it seems I should take a moment to talk about some of the outgoing links showing up on the site. Those on my links page I fully endorse and tell you why, and those on the About the Author page were both designed to get to my other sites. Granted I don’t reccomend visiting Deviant Art without a good anti-virus program since they don’t always manage to keep up with threats to their site–Deviant Art itself is good as far as I can tell, just an easy target for bad people.

Other links have made it onto this site now too though. See you’re allowed to attach a website to your name when you post a comment here–which granted can be a very good and even sneaky way to promote your own site. I’m trying to monitor the incoming comments and don’t allow the ones whose links I think will be damaging to anyone who follows them, but there are a lot that are sort of borderline where I’m not sure if the comment was genuine or just a bid for free advertising (note I really prefer if you can use a name as your name instead of a website or tagline for a product, if you’re shy it doesn’t have to be your name). So just as a general rule, if it isn’t posted in the body of one of my pages or posts I do not endorse the link and you should only follow it at your own risk.

That out of the way I’ll talk about something more fun–if you were looking for a story update or something creative come back Friday, there’ll be none of that today.  Dungeons & Dragons Online’s 5th Birthday is this week and they’ve put together some really fun stuff for it, spent most of yesterday previewing it.

All of my characters got cool hats and other treats for the party–my main character, the paladin Alhandro Cervantes, got the Dread Admiral’s Tricorne, which was pretty awesome. So I’ll probably be having more fun with that all week, and of course posting Sheya level 6 continued on Friday.

Steadily working our way up to the 1,000 page views for getting a gallery page up. I’ll need some ideas what the next incentive should be after that.

Technical Trouble

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Feb 21 2011

Okay, so Sheya level 6 is now up… But it only seems to be accessible through the Niar Saga main story page. I’ll have to play around and see if I can figure out a way to get it in the pages column to the right, but we seem to have hit some sort of limit for the number of pages that are being shown over there. (EDIT: Oops, somehow I guess the page didn’t go up and that was the problem…)

Another issue with this update is I thought it would be kind of cool for the image to do a video-game-esque fight scene. Turned out to be more complicated to do than I expected. Paint isn’t really great for working with layered images, and there appears to have been a hit to image quality transferring back and forth between Paint and Word. The tragedy of attempting art without investing in being an artist I suppose.

On an unrelated note, I earlier mentioned my disappointment in Lego Star Wars compared to Lego Batman, particularly the absurdity of Anakin Boy… Turns out it was just the prequel trilogy that was bad. Now that my friend and I have made it to the original trilogy in the game it is as awesome as Lego Batman–and Luke is much cooler than Anakin Boy.

Rated T

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Feb 04 2011

So the new update, Vixie Level 3 continued, is up and accessible via the Page navigation to the right or from the Niar Saga main story page. Now seems like maybe a good time to mention that the story may not be appropriate for absolutely all audiences, so I think maybe I should approximate some sort of ESRB type rating for it just in case any very young children are among the wonderful viewers who have gotten me up over 180 page views! (thanks for those)

Niar Saga is rated T for scenes of fantasy violence, suggestive themes and brief language. It may not be appropriate for children under 13 (though as the author I encourage parents to check it out first and make their own judgment call, it’s really not that bad I just think it’s fair to mention it isn’t family movie material necessarily).

Thanks again for all the page views! Bet some of you have guesses by now what Monday’s update will include–consistent with the Monday/Friday update schedule.

Grand Sweeping Epic Adventure

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Jan 31 2011

The new story page is up, reachable under pages to the right, or also at the bottom of the main Niar Saga page. Anyone who’s been following the story over the past couple weeks probably now has a pretty good idea for how the Monday/Friday updates are going to work, eh?

In other news I finally started playing Lego Star Wars for the Wii with my friend across the street, Tyler. I think I may have been spoiled by Lego Batman though, ’cause Lego Star Wars seems somehow lacking in comparison. Probably just that no one can keep up with the sheer awesome of Batman–Though as far as I’ve played Anakin Boy seems particularly unremarkable. Ah well, hopefully if you’re here its for my story, not my video-game ramblings.

The Process

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Jan 28 2011

So another week down since I started posting on the site. Any guesses what Monday’s update will be? I think I’m hitting my stride pretty well here, I’ve got enough of a buffer on the writing side that I could get a job and still keep up with the twice a week posts (no, really a job would be okay!).

Interesting trivia on the process, when I was originally writing the story Sheya’s father was just known as The Commander because between his relation to her as her father and his position in Tionburg there actually weren’t any characters who would use his given name–so I didn’t come up with one for him! But then largely for my own amusement I created him as a character I play on the Thelanis server of D&D Online, and that’s when I figured out his name is actually Yoeseph–long story why it couldn’t be The Commander, Josef or any other number of permutations that came before landing on Yoeseph which I’m now glad I got to.

As always the links to the story are under Pages in the right column or you can navigate to any of them from the main Niar Saga story page.

Poetry Wednesday!

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Jan 26 2011

I’m a little zergling, swift and dumb,

Leaving my party, way ahead I run,

When I get all beat up, I will shout,

Heal! Me quick, or hear me pout.

To the jaunty tea-pot tune, the above is something I came up with after playing Dungeons & Dragons Online for a while. As I understand it, it’s actually a Starcraft reference. Though I’ve never played Starcraft it seems possible the term ‘zerg’ has taken on alternate meaning in the Massively Multiplayer Online community, like D&D Online.

The poem was collated from what seem to be the common conceptions about “zergers”, “zerglings” and those who “zerg”. I actually think zerging sounds like a lot of fun, though granted it would probably be annoying to then whine after your suicide rush got you killed.